I use the Actuaries Longevity Illustrator to show how to think through retirement horizon planning. This first scenario, I look at a 50-year-old woman, trying out …

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What is your pension plan today, is it that you are waiting until you are 65 to retire and for government to take care of you, or you making your preparing your retirement and pension now.
I have five question for you and i need you to answer yourself:

What age you want to retire?

How do you want to life your life whenever you retire?

Do you want to just live off pension?

Can you really live a happy life off just your pension?

Is it fear that you only have a short time in life after you retire at 65?

OK if you want to retire early with a better live start doing this now, get a piece of paper and write this:

My retirement plant is to ______________ _________ _____________.
My retirement plant is to ______________ _________ _____________.
My retirement plant is to ______________ _________ _____________.
My retirement plant is to ______________ _________ _____________.
My retirement plant is to ______________ _________ _____________.

Now i want you to fill in the blank with what ever you want your retirement to be and make five copy of this paste one on your television in your living room, the second piece on your refrigerator in your kitchen, the third on your laptop or desktop, the fourth on the bathroom mirror and the fifth on you bed side table.

Each day you look on these plan you will work better to achieve them and work smart to achieve your retirement so you can live and enjoy life before you 65.

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Future of Aging is Emmy-nominated! People are living longer across the globe, and that’s redefining what it means to be over 65 — and what the future might mean for retirement. 

“What Happens Next” is a collaboration with Quartz examining the future of society.

Retro Report is an independent, nonprofit news organization that looks at stories of the past to better understand today. Stay tuned for “Retro Report on PBS” premiering Oct. 7.


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What are the Different Ways to Plan Retirement?

Retirement Planning in India

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Retirement age around the world
The official age of retirement is creeping upwards in most countries as governments try to balance pensions and stretched public finances. But while many governments want us to work until we are 67, the age that people are actually retiring is often lower than you might think. Using data from official sources around the world, we reveal the countries that actually work the longest.
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Sixty-five has long been the magic age for retirement. But the expected age of retirement is becoming more diverse for the majority of non-retired U.S. adults, according to a 2017 Gallup Poll. Twenty-five percent of polled adults expect to retire at the age of 65, whereas 39 percent think they’ll retire after the so-called magic age.
Stay tuned to find out the reasons why you probably won’t retire as early as you might think.

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In this FAQ, we’re going to answer a question everyone wants to know: how much money do I need to retire?

First of all, it’s great that you’re asking yourself this question. Having enough for retirement doesn’t just happen – it’s a coordinated effort. And that effort is easier if you have a goal in mind – so how much money do you need to retire?

The real answer is that it’s different for everyone. But let’s start with a general rule and break down how that can vary per person.

Most studies agree that, in order to retire, you will need about 12 times your annual salary at retirement age. If that sounds like a lot, that’s because it is. But that’s why it’s so important to save – or as I like to think of it: paying your future self. But if that number sounds intimidating, let’s look at all the ways you can build up to that.

First of all, that total amount you need for retirement does include Social Security. Most people have been paying into Social Security a little bit with each paycheck, every year that they work. If that’s you, you can expect to receive a monthly benefit check in retirement. To maximize your monthly check, there’s a couple things you can do:

1. Make as high a salary as you possibly can
2. Work a full 35 years
3. Delay retirement

For more details on calculating your expected monthly Social Security benefit and how to optimize that check, check out the link in the description below.

But even then, Social Security will not cover all that you need in retirement. In its benefit overview document, the Social Security Administration makes it clear:

“Social Security was never meant to be the only source of income for people when they retire.”

It is designed to replace a percentage of your income, depending on how much you earn. For very low earners, Social Security can provide up to 75% of your retirement needs; for medium earners, about 40%; for high earners, about 27%.

The rest of your retirement funds will come from whatever you have saved – so it’s important to make sure you are saving. The best place to start, if it’s available to you, is an Employee Savings Plan. Most commonly this is a 401(k).

If your employer offers oneIf this is an opportunity your Employer provides, make sure you are using it. This is a tax-advantaged account for saving – meaning you don’t have to pay any taxes now on the money you contribute to this account. Plus, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, roughly half of companies offer a 401(k) match, up to an average of 3%. That means, as an example, that if you contributed 3% of your paycheck to this account, your employer will match it with another 3%. That’s free money! So make sure to check what’s available to you, and try to save at least enough to get the match.

If you don’t have a workplace plan, you can still open an individual retirement account, an IRA. There is a maximum amount you can contribute to this type of account, so be sure to check that each year.

The beauty of these retirement accounts is that your money grows in two ways. First, it will grow as you steadily contribute to it each month. But second, all the money in your account will be invested and will grow all on its own through the magic of compounding interest. For a quick example, investing $3,000 per year for 40 years at an annual return of 8% yields over $750,000 come retirement time. That may be enough for people with a relatively low cost of living, but it might not be close to enough for folks that head into retirement with a lot of expenses. That’s why it’s also important to think about the money you have going out when you’re making your retirement plans.

Now, there are two ways to have a successful retirement: save enough to cover the high expenses of the retirement of your dreams, OR reduce your expenses in retirement in line with what you realistically have saved. Maybe you had children who have since moved out of your home – consider downsizing. If you live in an expensive area, consider moving somewhere with a lower cost-of-living. Maybe even move to a state with no state income tax – that means fewer taxes on Social Security benefits, 401(k) withdrawals, and other retirement income.

There’s a reason Florida is such a popular retirement destination.

There isn’t a one-size fits all answer to how much you money you need to comfortably retire, but understanding the 12x income rule, realizing that social security is just a part of the retirement picture, and adjusting expenses will put you on the path to finding the right figure for yourself.

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