“In a male-dominated business, McGee Wealth Management is very different,” Linette explains. “We are all female advisors.”

How does that distinction set the company apart? “I think giving that female perspective, the empathy and compassion, really focusing on service and not driving for ‘conquering the sale’ is hugely different” from the approach often taken by male advisors.

Retirement Planning is a very important subject that everyone should think and take action. Here in this video you will find tips on how to start with retirement planning.

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DC Fawcett is an expert at Virtual Real Estate Investing. He invests in multiple virtual markets and has mastered the art of wholesaling, rehabbing, and cash flow investing in virtual markets he does not live in.

He also uses his virtual investing strategies in his own markets in and around Tampa Bay by outsourcing 100% of the work in the deals and using NONE of his own money or credit while benefiting from the lion’s share of the profit.

DC is willing to share his virtual real estate investing strategies with you. Simply download one of our free virtual investing cheat sheets to get started.

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Retirement planning, in a financial context, refers to the allocation of savings or revenue for retirement. The goal of retirement planning is to achieve financial independence.

The process of retirement planning aims to:[1]

Assess readiness-to-retire given a desired retirement age and lifestyle, i.e., whether one has enough money to retire
Identify actions to improve readiness-to-retire
Acquire financial planning knowledge
Encourage saving practices


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