Welcome back to the One Last Question Show! In today’s episode I took a field trip to take an Office Tour at Prominence Business & Wealth Management.

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Ross Gerber is an investor and wealth manager with almost a billion dollars in assets under management from some 6,500 clients. He understands gold, and understands the importance of central bank shenanigans like negative interest rates. But he also invests in mainstream equities like Warren Buffett, which puts him outside the gold bug echo chamber. So I had to ask, how does he sleep at night? His answer was quite interesting…


Right on the Money host, Dennis Mattern, discusses retirement income strategies with Tommy Mai, president of Tommy Mai Financial, located in Westminster, California.

As a business owner, you may already provide retirement plans for your employees, but have you thought about your own? At Tommy Mai Financial, they work with a group of actuaries and the in-house, pension-consulting business that is also a third-party administrator. Once all the information is provided by the client, the pension-consulting company runs a feasibility report, and calculates to see how much money, how much deduction and how much benefit the clients will be able to receive. Being thorough is important, but it is imperative for business owners to be detailed.

Know every aspect of your retirement income plan. Learn more about Tommy Mai at Tommy Mai Financial and how he could help you with your retirement income strategy.

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Licensed Insurance Professional. Respond and learn how life insurance and annuities can be used in various planning strategies for retirement.

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I loved this latest BONUS call from Brianne in Oakland, CA. Brianne wasn’t looking to help herself…instead she got in touch with us because she wants to help her parents. For the last several years she has been trying to help them get their financial lives in order. Although she has made progress, there’s still a lot of work to do. After this call I’m ready to give Brianne the “Daughter of the Year” award. I think her parents are very lucky to have her around.

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