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Barefoot Retirement Plan Are you looking for the best financial planner or financial retirement plan? You’ve found it. 866-480-7784 The Barefoot Retirement Plan is the most powerful retirement plan in America. In this YouTube video we will review what this retirement planning plan is, how it works and why it is so powerful.

Other plans use expensive versions of whole life insurance that is very expensive and takes years to even get to a break even point. Those whole life plans are good for the agents who sell them, because they make a ton of money off of them.

Our plan is up to 70% LESS EXPENSIVE than the other plans. Our plan is based off of a unique and highly specialized version of an IUL or Indexed Universal Life or Indexed Universal Life Insurance. Very few financial planner even know this plan exist. Even when you look at the IULs, it’s important to keep in my that there are many, many different versions of IULs. They can vary a great deal.

Our version of the indexed universal life plan is so unique that it is patented. Our plan offers the very best value for the consumer and the least commissions for the specialist offering it. As I said, it’s up to 70% less expensive.

In the video you will learn why this plan is guaranteed not to lose a single penny in market downturns. It has averaged 9.24% over the past 25 years. You can take your money out at an time, tax-free and with zero fees or penalties. It is creditor proof in most states, it’s completely private, liquid, flexible, 100% safe, offers life-time tax free income, has no contribution limits, on investment restrictions and much more.

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