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The American Retirement Crisis is no joke! CNBC’s article, “The American Retirement Nightmare” is appropriately named. First, you should never retire!

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The word “retirement” inspires a lot of negative feelings in people of all ages, but especially baby boomers. More than ever, retirees want to be seen as youthful, want to continue to be useful, and want to continue doing something that gives them meaning and purpose.

Few people understand this better than Dr. Sara Geber. Sara is the author of Essential Retirement Planning for Solo Agers: A Retirement and Aging Roadmap for Single and Childless Adults. She brings an extensive background in psychology to her experience as a retirement coach, and her book provided me with a lot of insight into how I could better serve the families I work with day in and day out.

Today, Sara joins the podcast to talk about why retirement needs reinventing (and how it’s already happening), the most common mistakes solo agers make in trying to transition into retirement, and the many new options available as they enter this stage of life.

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How Canada Pension Plan (CPP) & Old Age Security (OAS) work?

CPP and OAS are very important for Canadians. I hope the Canadian Government doesn’t screw them up. You can go on a mind bender trying to figure how these two Canadian pensions work. In this video I will keep things simple and straightforward.

Here is the Retirement Budget Form to help you with your retirement finances:

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Canada Pension Plan:
You can receive Canada Pension Plan as early as age 60 with a reduction or as late as age 70 with an increase.

If CPP is taken before the age of 65 then the benefit is reduced by 0.6% every month or 7.2% annually. So if you choose to start taking CPP at age 60, your benefits will be decreased by 36%

The government of Canada gives you an incentive to take CPP after the age of 65, so if you choose to do that the benefit increases by 0.7% every month or 8.4% annually. So if you want to start taking CPP at age 70, your benefit will increase by 42%.

To summarize:
If you choose to take your CPP at the age of 60 instead of 65, the break even age is 74
If you choose to take your CPP at the age of 70 instead of 65, the break even age is 82

If you are healthy, you have good genetics, and a good family health history, wait and take your CPP later, if not take it sooner.

It is very hard to predict the future, and if you want to keep things simple. Do one of the following 2 options:
1- If you need the money don’t wait, take your CPP as soon as you think you need it.
2- If you don’t need the money take it at the full retirement age of 65.

As simple as that.

Old Age Security
Your employment history is not a factor in determining eligibility: you can receive the Old Age Security pension, even if you have never worked or are still working.

To be eligible for Old Age Security, for people living in Canada you must:
1- be 65 years old
2- be a Canadian citizen or a legal resident at the time of approval of your OAS
3- have resided in Canada for at least 10 years since the age of 18

To be eligible for old age security for people living outside Canada, you must:
1- be 65 years old
2- have been a Canadian citizen or a legal resident on the day you left Canada
3- have resided in Canada for at least 20 years since the age of 18

If you want to keep things simple just take it at age 65.

There is a clawback conditions the government calls it pension recovery tax. This means if you are receiving an after tax individual income of greater than $77,000. You will start receiving a decreased Old Age Security benefit up to the point where you would receive nothing if you are making after tax individual income of $126,000 or greater.

Canada Pension Plan Government of Canada Link:

Old Age Security Government of Canada Link:


On Better Money Boston, Joel Johnson, CFP® and Pam Cross talk about Retirement Planning for Baby Boomers. Some baby boomers are making mistakes financially that can affect them long-term as they plan for retirement. In most cases, they are either not saving enough or putting money in places that don’t make sense for them. Watch now to learn more.

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In this “No Dumb Questions” segment, I’ll talk about how we use the Monte Carlo analysis to think through the financial end of funding your retirement.

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