ODDO BHF ist eine deutsch-französische Finanzgruppe, deren Geschichte über 160 Jahre zurückreicht. Die Gruppe ist aus einer französischen …

The founder of one of the most successful Indian VCs talks to Avendus Wealth Management about their barbell investment strategy, upcoming themes in India’s …

In this NetWorth Radio Advance Report, Spencer McGowan, President of McGowanGroup Asset Management, delivers financial news and intelligence with …

Supporting SMA & UMA products requires an open and interoperable hub for communicating instructions & models between managers and sponsors.


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In this NetWorth Radio Advance Report, Spencer McGowan, President of McGowanGroup Asset Management, delivers financial news and intelligence with insights you can act on for December 2, 2019.

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Alpen Capital is an investment banking advisory firm, offering solutions in the areas of debt, M&A and equity, to institutional and corporate clients. It’s been operating across the GCC and India since 2005 – with additional projects in Cambodia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Founder and executive chairman Rohit Walia discusses the business’s recent transactions, the opportunities he’s looking to discover in Myanmar and Indonesia, and the firm’s associate company, Alpen Asset Advisors, which specialises in asset and wealth management.

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In this video, we breakdown a few of Sysaid’s asset management module’s features and functions. We’ll start with a brief introduction into automatic network discovery for your assets, highlighting the simplest way to add new devices to your asset list. These devices will appear in the asset list, which is broken into a range of tabs that will help aid in managing your software and hardware assets. We go through each tab in order to better help familiarize you with the Sysaid interface.

Our asset list function includes remote control connectivity and monitoring tabs to give administrators control over their connected assets. Sysaid’s remote control function gives easy access to all your connected assets directly through an HTML5 browser. The monitoring tab lets you view details, performance, updates, services, and more right from the control panel. More importantly, it lets you set your own access and control flags to alert IT staff when something has gone wrong or is being used improperly.

Robust CMDB management allows administrators to get a logical layout of their connected assets and their shared relationships. With a few clicks Sysaid’s software helps you to create your own CMDB to better understand how your assets connect with each other and how changes will affect your systems.

The mobile device management tab allows administrators to take control over their mobile device policies and ensure they are being followed properly. The device policies function lets administrators set their own BYOD policies as well as Email and Wi-Fi rules for your network.

Standard access lists lets you set custom ACL rules for your assets to offer even more control over incoming and outgoing data.

We cover each of these features in-depth to help give guide you through our software and give you better control over your network and its assets.


James Hughes is a wealth management expert, estate lawyer, and author James E. Hughes talks with us about the importance of finding a larger purpose using our wealth and how it actually works.
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Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in 3 generations, so the proverb goes. But where did it all go? And in just three generations?!

James “Jay” Hughes explores how – and why – that happens, and why it seems inevitable. But he reveals the ways to prevent that and not only preserve, but to grow and enjoy wealth across multiple generations.

This episode really is a journey with an experienced guide and sage of wealth and wisdom! With Jay as our guide we walk the path of wisdom and wealth as we explore the five balance sheets of wealth. And as we transcend the classical boundaries of wealth we explore the many ways in which to build, connect, and preserve wealth and wisdom.

What is wealth for, and what do we do with it when it comes… even before it comes? Discover the true purpose of wealth and explore its rewards. This episode will question your beliefs and assumptions about wealth and as we peel back and deconstruct our layers of understanding about wealth, we arrive at a place that asks us to not only accumulate wealth but to do something with it.

“Accumulation of wealth only, I can assure you today, will not lead you to avoid the proverb. It simply won’t.”

Join us as we learn how to avoid the proverb and not only build and enjoy wealth but preserve it forever as James gives away the ancient secrets of perpetual wealth. _____

Raging Bull simplifies trading so you can become confident, take control, and live without limits. At Raging Bull, our millionaire traders such as Jason Bond, Jeff Bishop, Kyle Dennis, Petra Hess, Davis Martin, Jeff Williams, Ben Sturgill, Dave Lukas and Nathan Bear are dedicated to your success trading stocks and options.


When Serco needed to look at historical, geospatical data before Tableau, their team could spend 30 minutes to an hour just gathering and recording the information that was needed. Now they have a dashboard that blends all of their historical asset tracking data, location status history data, work order status history data, and searchable, historical logs of those work orders. Today, they’re able to answer these previously nearly impossible questions–in a matter of minutes, using a single dashboard. It’s been a game-changer.

Attendees will learn advanced uses of geospatical data (adding interactive Google Streetview into your dashboard); advanced filtering; advanced data blending; and how to blend data in such a way that when someone asks “What happened?” you can give them an answer in a couple minutes instead of hours.