Is my 2nd Mortgage Delaying My Retirement?

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Time is our most precious commodity. Here are 10 Strategies Explored to Stop Trading Time for Money. Is it Possible to Build a Passive Income Portfolio for Early Retirement?

About me: My passion for real estate, business, and time freedom has lead me to pursue knowledge and strategies that will build wealth over time. My mission is to take charge of my retirement plan with passive income strategies that will afford me a comfortable living and inspire others to do the same.

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Hello Friends,
In this video you will come to know that whether by Investing Rs.1000/- per month, can we create corpus of 6 crore rupees.

Invest Rs.1000/- per month and get 6 Crore | Power of SIP | 6 Crore Retirement corpus by investing Rs.1000/-per month | Power of compounding | Mutual Funds

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Bill Borton talks with us about retirement financial risk. What you need to plan for, the big risks and how to mitigate or eliminate them. Bill is a wealth of knowledge in this area, and brings a fresh and informed view of getting more out of your money and your lifestyle.
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What is a Financial Sherpa? A Financial Sherpa is your guide to retirement & beyond. Lucas breaks it down further in the video and description.

Mount Everest. Mount Kilimanjaro. Climbing a mountain is seen as a fantastic accomplishment.

Humans have long sought to conquer the journey of reaching the peaks of these natural wonders. But getting to the top is no easy task. It takes resources and a guide, also known as a Sherpa.

Sherpas have existed for hundreds, even thousands of years. By definition, a “Sherpa” is someone known for providing support to foreign trekkers and mountain climbers.

Retirement is like climbing a mountain…

When looking from the base, it seems like a daunting journey, filled with unexpected weather, loose rocks, and no turning back.

However, the view from the top is worth the climb, and getting there is only half the expedition.

From the top, you’ll need to make important decisions on how to use the resources you have left to descend back down the mountain.

With the guidance of a financial Sherpa, you maximize your chances of completing the journey, and living to tell a hell of a story.

This goes out to all the mountain climbers, adventurers, and anyone looking to complete the journey to retirement and beyond.

Keep pushing forward to achieve your goals, and if you get lost or find yourself in need of guidance, or a financial Sherpa, send me a message today!


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Learn what to do if your career, and income, ends at age 59.

Today’s retirees stopped working at age 59, on average, according to a new study.

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