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Retirement Tax Management: Medicare and IRMAA

Listen to the full episode here http://rogerwhitney.ram.libsynpro.com/retirement-tax-management-medicare-and-irmaa There is a lot to consider when planning tax management in retirement. You’ve got to think about RMD’s, tax brackets, Medicare, and IRMAA. You may have heard of IRMAA and been wondering just what this mysterious acronym is. On this episode of Retirement Answer Man, you’ll learn about […]

Retirement Planning That Inspires: Step One

In this video I explain why it’s time to stop limiting your retirement and show you how to start thinking big about the life you could have. I’ll share three “pro tips” on how to create a vision for retirement you’re excited about. Retirement Plan Live, Flying Solo Edition step one. Dream Up Your Ideal […]

Retirement Planning has a BIG Problem

In this video, we outline the big retirement planning issue facing baby boomers and advisors. If you’re near retirement you and your financial advisor have played the accumulation game for decades. Retirement changes all the rules. You go from accumulation to retirement and few are prepared for it. ++++++ Get retirement tips every Saturday in […]

Retirement Plan Live 2019 – When Life Disrupts Retirement

Listen to the full episode here http://rogerwhitney.ram.libsynpro.com/retirement-plan-live-2019-when-life-disrupts-retirement Welcome to a new Retirement Plan Live. If you this is your first time listening to one, be sure to sign up for 6-Shot Saturday to get all the updates. On this Retirement Plan Live, we’ll be working with Emma and Luca. Life has thrown them a curveball […]