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  1. Shubh Creative Vlogs
    Shubh Creative Vlogs says:

    Hi Sir, please respond to this comment ,I'm in a delimma I wanna be a trader and then a value investor. What are the prerequisites to be a trader, after achieving that I want those money to be invested for long term. Just show me the way to be a trader so that I start earning daily🙏🙏🙏

  2. Sherwin Fernandes
    Sherwin Fernandes says:

    Hi good afternoon sir
    I started investing 3 months back my portfolio is 15.50.,% down where as Nifty is 19% down
    I have another 2lakhs to invest now should I invest in my current portfolio to average

  3. Chandan Pandey
    Chandan Pandey says:

    Sir..can i have your suggestion plz on the SBI Card IPO. I have been allotted 1 lot of shares. Now it's not a big amount. What is your view about it..should I sell it away on the day of listing or should hold for long term? I mean..if the stock market carnage continues, it may go below its issue price too. That's just my assumption. Why to waste even 14k then and not sell it asap and invest later. I may be wrong and that's why I need your advice on it. It's a different matter that I can hold it for long term and I don't need this money right now.

  4. Roshini S Miraskar
    Roshini S Miraskar says:

    I really like the way you say "Aap ki Channel" most users mention welcome to "my" channel, its unbelievable that you give so much information for free and its like you dedicate this channel to all who want to be financially literate !!!


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