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  1. Hybrid Fitness
    Hybrid Fitness says:

    I finally unsubscribe

    First you said wait for 1100-1200 levels
    After it touched 2k and told to add in dips around 1700-1800

    Now you're telling to exit

    Lesson for me : do own research instead of wasting time on YouTubers

  2. Ramesh Dhillon
    Ramesh Dhillon says:

    Hi sir, I am Gold member,
    Please suggest how to take your recommendations if price open above the suggested buying price(near to tgt) and continuously falling present day and also in comming days.

  3. akash kakkad
    akash kakkad says:

    I understand the paid services you started but since past few days you have completely stopped talking about the levels and targets. Do not share buy/ sell recommendations to channel members but not to share levels is a big disappointment. Request you to reconsider the decision.


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