President Trump and Colombian President Marquez discuss the spread of coronavirus, combatting drug cartels and Venezuela sanctions. FOX Business …

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  1. Freelander
    Freelander says:

    Yeah and half of America wants to be like Venezuela. No water no food and nothing . Why would you question why he is campaigning when the Democrats haven’t said they would not campaign Oh wait they only get about 1500 !

  2. samantha mason
    samantha mason says:

    Stop all the drugs all of them stop the pedophilia if there is no drugs they can't do them if these drug dealers don't wanna see the light put them in prison until they do and if you execute the pedophiles they won't be hurting another child

  3. Noneshere
    Noneshere says:

    Colombia dont have water US can spray.
    Big pharma has made alot of money, US can't protect Afghanistan fields anymore.Drug prices,
    Very sad, we are leaving.
    Ta'ta's for now

  4. Ronald Kennedy
    Ronald Kennedy says:

    oh thank goodness.big pharma will have another opportunity to make another fortune off the needs of desperate people.i sure do hope they make it as expensive as possible.and I'm glad were bffs with the taliban now.theyre some really great people.just like Kim jun.

  5. Marcus
    Marcus says:

    Trump is going around mouthing off about the virus doewing BS to make HIM look good in the meantime the situation is getting worse day by day

  6. nicolashrv
    nicolashrv says:

    The fact is all this "coronaflu" "chickenflu" "aviarflu" are 90% less dangerous than the regular flu, which kills 100 to 1000 times more people in the world than this "outbreaks" which by some weird coincidence, all are cured by the same flu vaxine……….but Demorats now want to blame it on Trump, even thou it started in China (AGAIN).

  7. john folger
    john folger says:

    the poor homeless people from california an Detroit will not be able to afford to buy there opium if the price gos up ,,the dems will want you to substadise them

  8. Drastic Fisherman
    Drastic Fisherman says:

    I see it coming; 1 shot 💉- “$1500 dollars please, or die.” Lobbying is what drives pharmaceuticals, health insurance through the roof. Without lobbying & politicians filling their pockets, costs & services would be reasonable. Lobbying also keeps the FDA from telling you that bacon causes cancer, thanks HARDYS, the pioneer for the pork industry. Big pork sold “the other white meat” but nobody wanted the fatty underbelly, bacon, until Hardys came out with the Baconator, an invented by Hardys CEO & Pork mogals over drinks . Others followed, ,tons of advertising dollars, and “BOOM”, the bacon fad was born. I still eat bacon, moderately, but nice to know that the FDA is against cancer causing cigarettes(now), but for a few bucks, they let you eat bacon without alerting you to the cancer risks. Again, lose lobbying!!

  9. Bill Fletcher
    Bill Fletcher says:

    In every one of these reality show oval office stunts there is a quite substantial probability that he's lying or trying to hide the fact that he and his loyalist cronies have no clue on how to handle the situation and are running around snapping at things like that last few dogs in the kennel in a Nigerian restaurant. Reality is actually looking like some dystopian trilogy parody and now, Book Two: "The Keystone Crooks take the White House", is drawing to a close.

  10. Gunilla Tait
    Gunilla Tait says:

    Mr. President, Pray for us with your Staff, to end this Coronavirus before it gets to spread around. Pray and ask for God's helping hand to lead you and your team, to do the best possible for American people, and the whole World. Maybe set a Day and Time, to do it so we all who wants to, can join in the praying….🙌💗✝🕎🕉


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