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  1. John C
    John C says:

    Great idea! Do the conversion while the market is down. Yes, the market could go down more, but what goes down comes up, eventually! And sitting inside a Roth, you're in "fat city."

  2. IronSolid
    IronSolid says:

    The communists will eventually go after your Roth, they will take everything you save in order to pay for their socialist/communist agenda. Get your retirement savings out of any government control, they have a tendency to change the rules to suit their power. Once they outlaw private property and inheritance it’s over.

  3. billyrayband
    billyrayband says:

    I wouldn't do it if it bumps my bracket from 12 to 22, but if it only bumps it from 22 to 24, definitely convert today. But do not bail from your equity holdings, it will most likely make this loss up pretty quick and you will be left in the dust.

    HYDRA BJJ says:

    Recession/Depression coming? Seems to be possible with the Corona Virus putting Countries on its knees! Where do people believe the market will stop at….IMO, I believe without a cure for the Virus sometime soon, it would go down to 10-12K points.

  5. Fear the Turtle
    Fear the Turtle says:

    Unfortunately I’m in the ACA and have to limit my total income. But be careful doing your Roth conversions now if majority of the conversion dollars put you in the higher 22% (or higher) tax bracket. Once I’m on Medicare, I will do enough to keep me in the 12% effective tax rate. But all bets are off once the Trump tax cuts expire!

  6. PearlPerlita Venegas
    PearlPerlita Venegas says:

    Great advice but Please remember that the government can change the rules at any point in time….they might decide to STOP Roth conversions in the future and/or tax ROTH IRA and/or do away with ROTHs altogether. What I do know is that they will be hurting for more TAX dollars in the future….

  7. Alberto Santa Barbara County CA
    Alberto Santa Barbara County CA says:


    Forget Dave Ramsey. He is fundamentally right about being out of debt.

    The biggest thing you can do now is go over a Roth conversions plan and how to implement it. You have been an advocate like me of this approach to convert when market is down. The benefits are huge. High interest and benefit for most now.

  8. Donald Manning
    Donald Manning says:

    Can you do that with TSP and Vanguard that's controlled be Hummel and Mann by previous employer. I too am retired but not collecting SSN yet. Just on small pension getting by. Thanks Josh!

  9. Sergio Santana
    Sergio Santana says:

    Or invest now in a after tax brokerage account to start working on your asset location buckets especially if you are in a low tax bracket currently and expect to remain there throughout your retirement.

  10. flightman12
    flightman12 says:

    I am trying to understand the context of this and whether it's something I should consider. Do you have a video explaining the benefit of doing this and who should or shouldn't be doing it. Excuse my ignorance. Just trying to learn. Learned lots from you in the past.


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