5 Pension Time Bombs – Part One The most important series you’ll listen to this year! It’s estimated that there are over 50 million pensioners―in the United …

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  1. corndogalda
    corndogalda says:

    I bought Cryptocurrecy in 2013. I retired on my crypto balance 4years later at age 35. Fast forward to now I'm sitting pretty but I worry for my retired babyboomer parents whom are so stubborn and slow to act. That's why I'm here, to preach this stuff to my school teacher parents.

  2. Shawn White
    Shawn White says:

    Don't worry, Corona-chan will eradicate the boomer generation and decimate the older Gen-X generation, thus securing your government pension plans for generations to come.

  3. Jaime
    Jaime says:

    Couldn't you theoretically have more money for retirement if you had completely removed your 401k and just manually saved money at least if not invest. It would probably require a tremendous amount of discipline and consistency.

  4. Deborah M
    Deborah M says:

    You can take your money out now if you're still working and retirement age. You have to pay taxes on it. How do you feel about that. I'm 62 but I can retire just haven't yet.

  5. Mike Goodman
    Mike Goodman says:

    How many times can you repeat the same definitions of what kind of Pensions there are? How many times can you sell your book? Took 25 mins to start specific. One more "ol' pal" radio show where that silly bitch giggles? Action plan is in book? Go FvKK yourselves.

  6. Lou Montana
    Lou Montana says:

    My Buddy was bragging about his 401k and how much money he was making on it. He asked me how my 401k was doing. I told him I cashed out over a year ago and paid off all my properties and I also informed him to cash his out and put it in GOLD.
    After the crash he called me and told me I was right because he lost a lot of money.

  7. phil scott
    phil scott says:

    Thanks for blowing the whistle on this situation..I have been aware of it for the last 40 years…criminally insanity and ignorance at its finist.
    Accordingly I left the USA 7 years ago, I work on line, no IRS tax due up to 120K a year and earn a tiny percentage of that.. I live well on $500 a month here… and save 4 times that. This applies in virtually all countries south of the US border, and virtually all of asia and the Philipines and many places in the less traveled areas of Europe…. the weather is best in the equatorial regions but above 5,000'

    Medical care is better than in the US in many cases at 1/10 the cost… unless your goal is to gasp for air on a ventilator the last few years of your life with all of your organs transplanted,

    I will sign off with great joy when the time comes… after I have had the live changing experiences helping others here… currently central America

    (and no the crime is not a disaster here.. that's US govt propaganda.. unless you want pick parts of an area like Oakland Calif or Detroit and call that US national average for instance).

    Brace yourselves,
    Except me of course I am sipping my tea eating a sandwich I made for 25 cents watching the fishing boats come in. Food at the indigenous market here cost me $30 a month…Rent $200 and its equivalent to a $3,000/ month place in the San Franciso bay area.

  8. fu hjk
    fu hjk says:

    Robert you fucking moron… Police teachers and firefighters are not "ripping you off" doooosh bag. The retirement packages are part of our compensation. I would much rather have that money put on my paycheck and invest it how I want. And if that happened your taxes would go way up. Use your brain.

  9. Serby
    Serby says:

    What worries me most is what the baby boom era, the largest retirement group, going to do when they see the market start to collapse. Will they start to pull out in a massive stampede causing further chaos?

  10. Elvis Frog
    Elvis Frog says:

    Really Rich Dad, 2 billion baby boomers????? 2 billion set to retire in the next decade???? Be careful saying such nonsense as there are people listening and watching. To be specific, I'm sure you know that "baby boomers" are specific to USA only, and we only have a population of 300+ million. Then I'm sure you know that the great vast populations of nations outside of the developed west and parts of Asia have no social safety nets at all.

    I'm confident you were saying such for drama, but it is not necessary.

  11. Matt Nelson
    Matt Nelson says:

    The pension system is not going to be a problem. The corona virus will take care of that. If you do not have PM's, you will be without in the future. The problem is the financial system is full of their own hubris and will not accept reality.

  12. Elvis Frog
    Elvis Frog says:

    What can someone do about this problem???
    Ask your state to see the CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report).
    Have you looked into the CAFR fraud exposed by Walter Burien? Pension funds have been looted by the custodians of the states for many decades now. They are usually done by having 2 sets of books (or a single split book). Every single municipality and govt entity in the country has a trimmed public set of accounting (operating budget report) and a hidden comprehensive one called the CAFR.

    Anyone can request a copy of CAFR. I saw the one for the state of Florida for 2012 and it showed state assets of over 100 billion invested in many things, with 2 billion coming in contributions for pensions and 1.4 billion out for pensions, with another several billion coming in for other things. In 2012, the state's financials grew by several percentage points, while they whined about deficits from declining property taxes due to the real estate melt down.

    It is a financial accounting of the state's investment-pool which the public is generally not aware of. Thing is, it is easy for them to plead poverty by showing the public operating budget accounting and hiding the CAFR, and that is done a lot. They have plenty of money but are constantly wanting to raise more through taxes. The state is cheating everyone through creative accounting.

    According to Burien, all states and govt entities practice this as a matter of business. And according to Catherine Austin Fitts, the govt just recently modified the FASAB (Govt Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Board) to make complete black budgeting a legal standard.


  13. bklynrizz714
    bklynrizz714 says:

    So Robert Kiyosaki, what is the answer to this pension debacle? I played by the rules. I'm retired federal law enforcement. I kept my end of the agreement and survived over twenty years in government law enforcement service and now expect the government to keep their end of the agreement. What's the answer?

  14. Kholke kholke
    Kholke kholke says:

    All they have to do, is swap pensions from stocks into bonds, and bump up the key interest rate, as stocks crash, and corporations along with governments, write off debts via bankruptcies… Simple>.< .. 0_o

  15. poncho 467
    poncho 467 says:

    Ha ha,, I can't wait till the over leveraged real estate investors take the bath they have coming. Renters will be homeless, owners will release or lose leveraged property. Will love to hear what you have to say when that happens.

  16. Donny Vu
    Donny Vu says:

    Hahahaha. Stop. The end of the golden age of America is when you let the crooks split Bell. So who cares? Stop trying to steal what we have left and let us watch the end in style. Pension? Let talk about equity bubble. Let talk about student loan bubble. How about real estate bubble. Or auto loan bubble. Hahaha. Good luck trying to save yourself. Coronavirus was probably release to kill off the old so they don't want to pay for SS benefits. A reset button so to say. Who knows. At the end, who care. Hope you know you can't take your pension when you die. Lmao.


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