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  1. Dinesh Sharma
    Dinesh Sharma says:

    यह 1200 तक ओर नीचे तक भी आ सकता है।
    में तो तभी खरीदूँगा इससे ज्यादा पर हर्गिज नहीं चाहे यह 10000 ही क्यों न हो जाये।

  2. Aditya Shah
    Aditya Shah says:

    Hello sir 🙏 first of all really thank you for the content you post!! ✨ It is really helpful for beginners like me (:
    Today IRCTC is 1638, should we sell it tomorrow by booking profit, If it is risky.

    Please make a video on that 🙏 or reply if possible 🙂

    Once again thanks a lot for the content!!
    Keep posting and keep smiling! Stay blessed ✨

  3. parth maheta
    parth maheta says:

    Hy sir
    Your video are excellent and very helpfull
    Sir plz check my portfollio
    Bajaj finance 1@4561
    Godrejconsumer 5@628
    Hdfc bank 10@1238
    Igl 5@477
    L&t 1@1304
    Reliance 1@1461
    Sbi bank 1@339
    Vodafoneidea 1000@6.2

    Sir plz plz plz ans sir PlzPlzPlzPlz


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