Seeing all of your finances working together is a beautiful thing. Discover how working with U.S. Bank Wealth Management can help make sense of your …

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  1. T.Birdie King
    T.Birdie King says:

    Rated one of the worst banks in USA for wealth management by several financial advisers. I opened my first account with US Bank 12 years ago and they are terrible at giving increases. I typically have between 760-770 credit score and make good income. My first ever credit card with them was a secured one for $300 years ago. I applied for another card with them and they gave me the exact same card I had already only with a much higher limit. So I went back to request that the 1st card's limit be increased and I was denied and the rep kept saying she could not promise that a hard credit check would not be pulled. Sure enough they ran a hard credit check, which made it a traditional from a secured card but still kept me at $300. I've not been over drafted or ever missed a credit card payment. I moved close to $20K out of that bank to a high interest savings account and instantly went somewhere else and got approved for thousands on a new credit card. If I can stop just 1 person from starting out with US Bank I feel like my life has been fulfilled LOL . Worst rates on CD's, lowest savings interests, worst credit card rewards, and highest over draft fees.


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