New York Congressman Tom Reed discusses the effect of Cuomo’s law allowing illegal immigrants to obtain drivers licenses. #FoxBusiness FOX Business …

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  1. MannyFresco
    MannyFresco says:

    This is why schools are messed up because the Democrats rather secure a vote and spend money on illegals.
    We as Americans shouldn’t be happy with this. They really don’t care about us.
    I left that party before the 2016 election thanks to Trump and now I’m so happy to be an American.

  2. i cleary
    i cleary says:

    Coumo ia corrupt liar. if you deny ice access to information everybody has to pay the price. Protest him for special treatment for non citizens, drivers Licenses and a back door way to vote. If illegals were voting Republican we wouldn't have this problem. When the Vietnamese started to come to California after the war, they were Republicans and the Democrats protested furiously on giving them citizenship. The Democrat party is communist they're all about power and controlling the purse strings of the American people. Protest Como his Policies are causing more crime And now his policies will deny las abiding citizens a convenience in air travel.

  3. Batman Wayne
    Batman Wayne says:

    Sanctions. Plain and simple. Stop wasting federal money on ridiculous self defeating policies. If you have a teenager in your home that tells you they are going to do whatever the hell they want and just give me my money 😏

  4. Leonardo Donato
    Leonardo Donato says:

    When are people going to wake up and realize what is going on and how dire the situation is to our Republic. The evil CORRUPT Liberal Elite hav figured out a way to steal OUR government. CA was a Republican State. Dems could not win or hold power. So what they did was promote ILLEGAL immigration and then systematically changed laws and policies to make those ILLEGALs legal votes. But that was not enough. So they also use ILLEGAL votes. Do any of you know that CA, NY, OH, FL and other of the most important states have OVER 100% of legal age voters voting?🤔. Think about that? If every single legal age voter voted that would be 100% turnout. Which had never and will never happen. Yet these states even hav more than that. At best 60% of legal voters vote. So that extra 40-55% guess which EVERY SINGLE ONE vote for??? DEMOCRAT!🤔🤔🤔 (please go watch Judicial Watch YouTube videos on their Supreme Court win against OH, CA and other states)

    WE THE PEOPLE MUST STOP THE EVIL CORRUPT LIBERAL ELITE NAZIS! They hav a stranglehold on OUR government and only care about their power. It is our RIGHT to form a massive militia. It is our DUTY to stop corruption in OUR government.

    Join us!

  5. lillian arellano
    lillian arellano says:

    If the citizens of New York are obviously citizens why God Almighty does the administration have the illusion that they have the legal right to hold up their entry back to the states they are citizens this is quite odd


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