BREAKING: Only ONE story today and IT IS HUGE! $49 Billion Investment Company VanEck just released an internal document on why BITCOIN BTC will …

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  1. L C
    L C says:

    The only problem is trying to cash out. There are too few "exchanges" such as Coinbase to withdraw your cash-out. Waiting 3 days is not functional, or fungible.

  2. Nathan Kriever
    Nathan Kriever says:

    the fiscally irresponsible GOP simply WILL NOT LET this Market sag…Pumping Trillions of dollars of REPOS and interest-rate Easy money into the Economy in the runnup to Election!!! Woot! Woot! Woot!

  3. Kurtis Jackson
    Kurtis Jackson says:

    This is information everybody invested in bitcoin already knows. Nothing new. Like I said they've been bullish on bitcoin. Let me know when they get they're ETF approved. Not that we need it though.

  4. DucksDeLucks
    DucksDeLucks says:

    I can't respect Van Eck. It's absurd to say that copper has intrinsic value and gold doesn't. Gold is used in making jewelry and electronics. Gold has both types of value. And artwork lacks intrinsic value? Why? Because taste varies? Idiotic.

  5. John Kennedy
    John Kennedy says:

    China has over 20 tons of gold to back thier crypto.
    The dollar will crash and the euro , pound , all central and south america…australia..NZ..YEN..DURING THIS GLOBAL BIO ATTACK BY ASHKANASI WHITE SUPREMISTIST..CENTRAL BANKER BACKED COPORATE CLEPTOCRASY.

  6. Michael Nolan
    Michael Nolan says:

    The question is, how do they make their money? By selling you stuff at no risk to themselves, or by investing themselves. So Bitcoin, I'm a long term investor, user, and these ETF things … and representation by these people – its hard to get excited about for me.

  7. B Prop
    B Prop says:

    BTC can never ever scale like Bitcoin SV, please do your homework I know what I am talking about and this guy does NOT know anything its all noise and bull-crap do not believe this junk!!!

  8. B Prop
    B Prop says:

    Bitcoin SV has over 2000 patents, more secure one hundredths of a penny transaction fee and up to 3 million transaction per second!! its safe secure and immutable. BTC can on average 3-7 transactions per second, there is just no comparison and by the way the block size limit for BTC is 1 Mb compared to Bitcoin SV which is now unlimited !!!! NO OTHER BLOCKCHAIN CAN COMPARE WITH THIS Worldwide ledger!!!


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