Feb.02 — China has pledged support for its financial markets that are scheduled to reopen Monday following the extended Lunar New Year break as the …

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  1. Jae Moon
    Jae Moon says:


    More ominously, the CDC said that the new Coronavirus case is close contact of other California case, and was spread person-to-person.

  2. OAT351
    OAT351 says:

    If the Chinese government is saying 14,000 have been infected, then the real number is more like 140,000. Or 280,000. The corrupt communist state heavily censors any news that could put them in a bad light. You can see the results even on YouTube, where there are obviously fake comments being posted about the government's amazing response to this crisis. If everything is fine, why do they need to censor the details?

  3. No time for Kids
    No time for Kids says:

    Americans brought the Corona virus to Asia just like the Spanish brought mumps, meases and smallpoxs to South America. Japan and South Korea aint independent nations. But China and North Korea should force the Americans to leave immediatly from Asia or face the wrath of the people who aint intended to end like the Maya's , Aztec and Inca's..

    By AbdAllah

  4. LLT Collection
    LLT Collection says:

    Spending will slow down, ultimately, if the no 2 economy has messed up, there is no other measure that the greed capitalist will insist to do, except people, will have to play defensive. I hope you own a home at lease the asset is still appreciating and therefore helps beat the inflationary rent.

  5. Nezuko Kamado
    Nezuko Kamado says:

    There was 10 people in the emergency room that had a very bad cough and all of em didn’t come out I was there for almost 6 hours and none of em came out I don’t l know if I should be worried

  6. Jonathan Cervantes
    Jonathan Cervantes says:

    The novel coronavirus reminds me of world war z 2013 flim with Brad Pitt where is zombie outbreak took place in the movie in one place but there were so many different areas where the virus spread that there was no way to pin it down where the virus came from the same scenario is happening now with the coronavirus just without the undead becoming zombies sounds like the same scenario to me

  7. Idylchatter
    Idylchatter says:

    http://www.DoctorYourSelf.com  NEW: A coronavirus pandemic can be stopped with the immediate widespread use of high doses of vitamin C.

    There has been a lack of media coverage of this effective and successful approach against viruses in general, and coronavirus in particular. Preventing and treating severe respiratory infections with large amounts of vitamin C is well established. (Also, here is the Chinese language edition).

    NEW: The nutritional treatment of coronavirus is presented, with dosage specifics , in this protocol endorsed by physicians on the editorial board of the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service.

    NEW: Exactly how to administer intravenous vitamin C to a hospitalized patient with a viral illness, by Atsuo Yanagisawa, MD, Japanese College of Intravenous Therapy. (Here is the IV vitamin C protocol in Chinese).

  8. Rouaa Ahmad
    Rouaa Ahmad says:

    قال تعالى: واذ يمكر بك الذين كفروا ليثبتوك او يقتلوك أو يخرجوك ويمكرون ويمكر الله والله خير الماكرين😁

  9. Shoe Phonics
    Shoe Phonics says:

    The market is back on track due to
    CCP pumping money into the system in China and people selling stock to get out of China
    This money is migrating hense the USA exchange is on track
    Tesla stock is probably safest bet and it is showing the backlash of the coronavirus money is moving from Asia but we will see by next Monday how the market won’t rally and China is already out about 3 trillion dollars in two weeks a small amount of
    That money is finding its way to the USA market this week as investors have to put it some were they deem safe but the major problem here is
    The money that is now exited China has to be accounted for
    We will see bank runs and civil unrest over the next few weeks in China
    We are witnessing the unpredictable event that will tear China apart brace yourself for the worst
    What we are about to see will change how the world works
    I think any Chinese person using Wechat pay (government controlled digital banking )should start extracting funds to another currency before it is to late
    The CCP controls most citizens money
    Via Wechat account this is something you will hear in the coming weeks
    I never liked the fact a whole country uses a government controlled banking system now the government is in trouble they have easy access to the citizens funds this will happen before the rmb plunges


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