Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Finance & Global News – Market Update February 2nd 2020 In this week’s market update we cover all the latest headlines from Australia …

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  1. Jason Williamson
    Jason Williamson says:

    Hello fella, have you looked at the exchange localcoinswap dot com , there an Australian company p2p exchange?
    As you're a knowledgeable guy I just wondered your thoughts on the exchange,.. And if it has potential.
    Cheers matey.

  2. James
    James says:

    Hey Alex, do you think you could do an awareness piece in the collapse of I've lost a big chunk of my fiat as a result of them doing an exit scam, yet their still Blockchain Australia accredited.

  3. Marygonz
    Marygonz says:

    Bitcoin ended the month profitable with a monthly return of above 33%. This is happening for the first time since January 2014. In the last 6 years, Bitcoin has never finished January with positive returns. And it is currently trading at around $9,300, having briefly reached above $9,400 in the last few days…It remains prone to sudden swings in price. Looking at the total cryptocurrency market cap, Bitcoin will rally to the upside to retake $11,000 and beyond in the coming weeks. This should be seen as an advantage to crypto investors Because of Rather than waiting for bitcoin to grow in value, the best thing to do is buy enough bitcoin now and make a steady profit out of it by trading with a reliable strategy like that of Billy Thompson's. He's a well renowned Texas-based crypto expert and he provides one of the best bitcoin trading strategies in the crypto space. I started trading with his strategy just last month with 1.2BTC and I've made back returns of 6BTC after hard work and dedication. Billy Thompson can be reached easily on Telegrm @BThompsoninc for his expert guidance into trading profitably.

  4. Demarcus Ulises
    Demarcus Ulises says:

    When Bitcoin goes up, it doesn't stop going up. Since Bitcoin has broken up over 9k now anything is possible. So I can see it going to $12,000 this month. I think its best to seek for someone who has vast knowledge in trading bitcoin and 100% working strategy in order to earn constantly from the swings and avoid encountering losses as I did on my first time till I met Billy Thompson, he’s a profound crypto expert and with his strategy, I have been able to grow my portfolio from a level of 1.1Btc to 6.5btc in a period of 4 weeks just by trading daily. you can get in touch with him through his Telegrm (@BThompsoninc) if you need professional help trading any crypto coin.

  5. Stuart Cleary
    Stuart Cleary says:

    if you think the data coming out of the US is real I've got a bridge to sell you. The US has been in decline for many decades, all data is fudged to keep the USD stable as the Global reserve Bankster system relies on the USD. The "Repo market" is a smoke screen to hide the fact that banks won't lend to each other in their overnight shell game to balance their books. thats why the Fed is lending overnight not normal trading hours, this is what the overnight bank rate is all about an over night interbank lending rate. The AUD is being trashed in prep for gold bounce to raise AUD as per 2008 when AUD out paced the USD, this will happen again but advancing crypto is a much better store ATM. The coming financial collapse is actually a debt based financial system collapse & an opportunity for the planet to dump this fkd up financial system which has been warned against for at least 2,000 + years.All religions except one forbid interest on money lending, the Roman empire collapsed mostly due to military expansionism & a debt based finance system (just like the Anglo American military coalition empire)

  6. global nonsense
    global nonsense says:

    The first time I've seen nuggets news,
    And I loved it,
    Plenty of hot topics and easy listening,
    I'd love to know your thoughts on
    Physical casasius bitcoin? ??
    Would you hold them,
    Redeem them? ?
    Are thay safe
    I'd love your opinion

  7. Sempt
    Sempt says:

    Take a look at SmartCash. Crypto for everyday payments, they were recently got a shoutout on the Brazilian national TV, since in Brazil you can pay in Smartcash in 85 percent of places!

  8. Lindsay Moore
    Lindsay Moore says:

    @ Alex your name got bought up during a conversation about crypto and trading on a gaming channel platforms chat (age of empires 2hd) which is showing your influence and reach and also your predictions on online gaming..✌🏽great work mate


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  11. Patris Lusong
    Patris Lusong says:

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  12. Aesop's Hair
    Aesop's Hair says:

    More of a question than a criticism, but is it not contradictory running a channel on markets and trading whilst also criticising the practices of the financial institutions?
    It is obviously on a hugely different scale, but trading on markets does not actively contribute to productive activity and making money on a 'positive trade' generally falls at the expense of a third party loss.
    Not trying to make a moralistic point, but would love to see Alex use his great skill and knowledge to highlight possible alternatives to the corrupt financial markets we have at the moment; although the emerging decentralized technology is providing some amazing opportunities, trading crypto's doesn't really offer any long term solutions to the many problems that we face.
    (not the bitter words of a failed trader!) 😉

  13. Lillian Graham
    Lillian Graham says:

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