THE DIVIDEND PROJECT – EPISODE #46: Welcome, Dividend Dictators! Today, I’m discussing the financial fear that has gripped Investors who are thinking of …

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  1. Tomy Shaw
    Tomy Shaw says:

    Awesome video Ricky, love the idea with dividends, keeping them for the golden eggs. Yes, market timing is practically impossible, and not a great strategy for wealth building in the long term.

  2. Quest to FIRE
    Quest to FIRE says:

    Goose.🤣 I can’t with you, lol. Always top gun!! Seriously though, excellent content Rick! I never tire of hearing the “stay the course” mantra. Wise advice. 👏🏻👍🏻🔥🔥

  3. Fashion3K- True Style Never Dies!
    Fashion3K- True Style Never Dies! says:

    Coronavirus is the start. If you get another non related trigger, the markets will get the recession which was long awaited. People do get hurt during a recession, but a 'Everything Bubble ' hurts more. Banks n Central banks lend and print money out of thin air. People's wages do not meet cost of living and owing a home. Let's see what happens and good video visit my site that is starting up, if you like.

  4. Investing Sensei
    Investing Sensei says:

    I just deposited $500 today and it was supposed to last me until next week, but I couldn't resist myself today and bought almost $400. The noise in the news are just making great buying opportunities for me 😁

  5. Being Donna
    Being Donna says:

    I was expecting to need to invest in a bunker with the doom and gloom video title. After watching though I guess I will keep it in the stock market a little longer, at least until the next apocalypse arrives.

  6. Victor-VE Univers
    Victor-VE Univers says:

    Great topic to talk about. it can really be scary for people who aren't patient, my rule of thumbs expect +/- 20% volatility with the stock market, i will be ok if i lose everything. thanks for sharing with us. thumbs up.


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