THE DIVIDEND PROJECT – EPISODE #45: Welcome, Dividend Dictators! Today I review the weekly performance of my Dividend Portfolio for the week ending …

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  1. The Basic Concept
    The Basic Concept says:

    Lol nice video. Love the top gun references, I’m a movie buff so keep them coming. My movie that I can recite is Airplane!, and can watch it over and over and still laugh and enjoy the craziness.

  2. Milone Money Mindset
    Milone Money Mindset says:

    Nice rundown Ricky!! Top Gun is a great movie and I think the remake is going to be really good!! Wow I love that relation to the movie and the day you met your wife. This is video was so inspiring and much love to you and the family!

  3. Being Donna
    Being Donna says:

    Beautiful story – I will have to watch the movie again as it has been many, many years since I have seen it. Fantastic wedding song choice. I would be interested to know how you personally found the transition from working to retirement. Did you have a period of decompression? Did it take you long to find your stride in a new life that didn’t require doing to a job everyday? Did you set yourself some sort of daily routine? I ask because I am hoping to also transition to retirement soon and wonder how I will feel when the reality hits.

  4. FrugalOverFifty
    FrugalOverFifty says:

    OMG your Top Gun memories – love it! That was such an iconic movie for that era. I didn't have a date/falling in love story about it, but I definitely remember where and when I saw it for the first time. Love the wedding video and the ice cream man quote. I didn't know about the sequel – I'll definitely drag my teens to it.

  5. Unlearn Money Project
    Unlearn Money Project says:

    We're here to drink coffe and talk dividends and it looks like we're all out of coffee. I think that was in a movie once. Anyway A bit of a rough week but not too big of a deal. Like you said, the dividends will keep coming. MSC at $5.75 is nice!

  6. The Real Bearded Businessman
    The Real Bearded Businessman says:

    It always sucks to lose money, but that's the nature of the market, unfortunately. This is your first weekly update that I've watched and I really like these. I will have to pay much closer attention to these!

    I recently did a video on adding up my income from my channel and investments in 2019, and I am nowhere near the $143k level, but I am that much closer!! Good luck with your investments!

    My question for you is, Do you prefer individual stocks or ETF's to generate your dividends/dividend portfolio?


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