Jan.24 — France reported the first two cases in Europe, and U.S. health authorities are monitoring more than 60 people for potential infection with the …

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  1. Jevci
    Jevci says:

    People who are infected don't have to infect others, please, a 14 year old girl died! Stay safe, wash your hands and sneeze in your tissues or elbows

  2. Nezinau Nezinau
    Nezinau Nezinau says:

    Why people around the world talking about end… Why? I know this virus is rly make me shit myself… But China says. Australija said they start to work on cure… And after that… We need to learn something from our mistakes… Love nature, love oceans, dont eat animals Anymore… Do not destroy forrests… Control our population… Be happy and live in peace… And nature will thank us all 🙂 Think about what we do good in past hundret years? good bless u people

  3. MyMind TellingMe
    MyMind TellingMe says:

    ‎‏All viruses are due to lack of hygiene.
    ‎‏ Muslims do not fear it for the reason that their religion taught them purity. They purify themselves five times a day for prayer. Also, they purify themselves with water when they eliminate the need, unlike the infidels.
    ‎‏ Thank God for the blessing of Islam.🌹🇧🇭

  4. nistel SE
    nistel SE says:

    some posters (even media outlets) are playing the race game based on half-truths and anti-china sentiments. racism/ethnocentrism isn't the answer and is the last thing we need on top of a public health situation. many viruses have had their starts in various global regions/nations. stop all the self-righteousness if you want to be helpful.


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