Charles Payne answers questions ranging from healthcare to the stock market in a live studio audience filming of Invested in You Town Hall. #FoxBusiness FOX …

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  1. Walt Rutherford
    Walt Rutherford says:

    I always invest in things I use. I use One Stop for fuel and mobile1 oil, so I bought exxon. My cell carrier is at&t, so I bought them. If you invest in the products you spend the most on, you increase your profits, beyond your dividend checks, plus you're still retaining the stock. When I have more to invest, I will start day trading a little bit, but until then, I buy and hold for the long game and only buy what I use.
    If you and your family drive chevy's, but your mutual funds are heavy in Ford (or vice versa), you're investing against yourself.

  2. epigmelo
    epigmelo says:

    its a pyramid scheme. they only keep making money as long as people keep investing. and when the people on top cash out. the ones on the bottom lose. invest in your local community.

  3. Master Chief 00117
    Master Chief 00117 says:

    I know what the real scam is. You pay someone a free to manage your stock. He gets his free. If the stock you own goes up or down. Some charge crazy fees, for doing what you can do in one day worth of effort. Three times a year…

  4. Henry Niemi
    Henry Niemi says:

    Dems used Dr King's son to slam Trump. Even tho Dr King would despise the modern democrats, who are but a shadow of those democrat heroes that fought alongside Dr King. They had a dream. Today's democrats only have pipe dreams.

  5. John Renaud
    John Renaud says:

    I have a question for you Charles but I don't think the top brass at Fox would be pleased if you were to answer it, but if at least two viewers reply with a ''go ahead and ask'', I will. Youtube doesn't usually notify me of just a thumb up, so REPLY.


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