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  1. Daniel Ku
    Daniel Ku says:

    good video idea. I'm guessing he's a younger bbrother? xD
    with TD, if u attempt to buy a stock without enough funds in the TFSA it just won't let you, but if you're just in a cash account it'll go into a negative

  2. Dave Robertson
    Dave Robertson says:

    This video is fantastic! Please do more with these two!
    Maybe check in and cover something new every quarter.
    And, ya know we gotta see where the holdings stand in 6 & 12 months and how they feel about it.

  3. J D
    J D says:

    Investing is for people who want less money now in exchange for money in the future, a future that’s not guaranteed. So, don’t acquire debt, invest 15%, and blow the rest on fun.

  4. Jon M
    Jon M says:

    Great Videos! Can you and your dad give some opinions on Dropbox? I believe their update for their platform and acquisition of hellosign will have potential for increased demand for using Dropbox. Thanks


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