Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren discusses Hollywood celebrities who use their status as a platform to bash President Trump. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a …

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  1. Southern Peanut
    Southern Peanut says:

    O, the small bitter little man is back…lol.
    4% is the number of Americans that believe anything that comes out of Hollywood's mouth.

    President Trump 2020

  2. nickelpython357
    nickelpython357 says:

    When you come right down to it an actor is someone who can pretend to be someone else for entertainment purposes. So they are good at pretending… and lying. How does that qualify them to have an opinion that matters to anyone? If they would just keep their opinions to themselves and do their job, entertain people by making believe, people would love them again for their talents, nobody should love them for their opinions.

  3. Tim McDroyd
    Tim McDroyd says:

    You know I'm sadden that Hollywood has gone woke..Many of these actors have a jard time climbing the ladder..Now that they have a platform there using it for political speeches..All the roles that representated dreams and freewill gave us confidence to try our best..Socialism squashes pursiit of dreams and choices in life and divides the rich and poor with no ladder…I wonder who's paying or strong arming them to say such things..A lot of actors have had mishaps in last 10 years.Robin Williams hard to believe that wasn't a setup..or how sheltered of a life does hollywooders have in their gated communities…

  4. Kat Hi
    Kat Hi says:

    Denada, A. Baldwin, Cusack, Streep, G. Lopez, and the rest of the Hoolywood, Hippocrates who I once admired, no longer, they can SHOVE their Political views.

  5. Anna Vajda
    Anna Vajda says:

    I like actors but they make their living in a world of make believe so very few of them seem to maintain a good grasp of what reality is like for average people. I prefer to listen to peoples opinions and discern if I agree or not for myself that applies to all classes of people. Just because someone is a Hollywood star does not automatically make them an expert on other topics and it doesn't make them a total idiot either. When Clint Eastwood talks politics for instance my ears perk up because he obviously takes an interest in the subject.


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