IMF Chief Gita Gopinath speaks to India Today where she admitted that India’s Financial growth is under stress and credit growth is declining sharply.

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  1. Satendra Yadav
    Satendra Yadav says:

    Gita to Modi-Shah – we are reducing India's GDP to 4.8% 😏
    Modi-Shah – Your name resembles to our sacred book Bhagwad Gita 🙏
    Gita – Nikammo kaam kar lo kuch, jab dekho rishtedaari jodne lagte hai, chal bhaag"

  2. Radha Krishna
    Radha Krishna says:

    India Today,
    Here are a few guidelines for Indian economy..
    1) India needs to evolve its own solutions all its problems… Through self introspection….
    2)India is not brain dead…
    Nor India brainwashed…
    Problems are a part of life..
    Every child falls before learning to to walk……
    Follow the wisdom of ancient sages….


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