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  1. Manny Tuzman
    Manny Tuzman says:

    Question: I am 66, I have 2 annuitys for over 10 years…one is 160k gets 3.1% the other is 90k gets 1.5 %
    I have 100k ira , and 100k cash.
    What should I do?
    CD rates are max 2.6%
    I may take ss next year, I may retire in 6 years. I dont earn much.

    Thank You

  2. Fear the Turtle
    Fear the Turtle says:

    Yep, the one question about the taking the annuity or lump sum. Though the annuity was 8.1% was good, it was a sole survivor one. You can’t just look at the rate if married. You die and then the spouse gets $0. Not good. You have too look at all angles not just the annuity %. For being married, I would have opted for the lump sum. I’ll leave SS as my “annuity”.

  3. bayoume
    bayoume says:

    How in the world can you differentiate between money that was from a a qualified (over 5 year) Roth 401k after conversion? Do you lose the advantage of your Roth 401k after conversion?


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