Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Finance & Global News – Market Update January 19th 2020 In this week’s market update we cover all the latest headlines from Australia …

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  1. Jeroen Houttuin
    Jeroen Houttuin says:

    Lovely how you pack all those headlines into a condensed format. Other Youtubers can sometimes read one headline and rant about it for 10 minutes. Quality of your shows is still improving. Cool.

  2. Vicente Morais
    Vicente Morais says:

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  3. noz
    noz says:

    Pi is a new digital currency being developed by a group of Stanfords PhDs.
    For a limited time, you can join Pi and help the network growing. To join Pi, follow this link and use my username (nozeke) as your invitation code. Thanks in advance.

  4. Paul Rainwater
    Paul Rainwater says:

    Could only take about 10 seconds of this guy's video, sounded like just another grifter Fast Talker "sign up for premium services" BS right off the start, too many of these clowns on Youtube, sick of listening these scammers trying to make money and take advantage of the uninformed people just wanting to learn something about crypto, what a bunch of twits. I hope YouTube starts taking down more of these kind scammer channels. I'm fed up with these bull shit grifter cryto channels, I'll be reporting this spammer BS channel…

  5. Crytpo H
    Crytpo H says:

    Germany's Chancellor is attending Davos.
    In the United States Donald Trump is also attending Davos with his 2 newly appointed People to the US Treasury board which are both pro gold. Judy Shelton who is one of the people, has already been on record saying That a gold standard is something that she approves of and that will help with a level playing field.
    Christine Lagarde Has told her people to keep silent about what "they are going to do" . Which is information that will no doubt come out after Davos is over. LeGuarde who is a former head of the IMF Is pro stable coin and CBDC. In working actively towards this end.
    IMO, The world will be moving to a cashless society, living in a digital economy backed by metals. Since 2019 countries are buying gold in never before seen record amounts, and also repatriating their gold from the vaults of other countries. There's still a massive buying of gold on going. Russia and China have the largest amounts followed by Turkey. There is something big looming. Whether it is a large economic crisis or a global revaluation of the currency remains to be seen. Putin basically reworked his entire governmental structure and is in favor of moving towards constitutional law. I suspect that in the United States we will be moving back to constitutional law as well. Some are speculating that January 31st The United States will declare bankruptcy. This of course will make the stock market crash which will be the boom heard around the world. Is this a conspiracy theory? Well we won't have long to wait before the answer is on our doorstep. But the world definitely needs to do something about this looming economic crisis which is going to be impacting on a global scale. People should be holding positions in crypto currency, gold and silver and other precious metals and maybe some cash. Not really sure what is coming so being prepared is always best and that also keeping a stockpile of extra food and water and medicine would also be a good idea.

  6. Crytpo H
    Crytpo H says:

    Apple market cap is so high for a couple reasons. 1st, like you said, it's overvalued. And secondly, institutional investors own approximately 58% of Apple. Now institutional investors here in the United States are the US government pension fund and the like. Apple is also helping The United States Military Industrial Complex, who is using Apple Tech in their respective military gadgets. So I guess that's the 3rd reason why Apple's market cap so damned high.


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