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  1. Michael Senko
    Michael Senko says:

    you guys are making great point about managing risk as you become a more mature investor. Capital preservation becomes more important than capital appreciation. I think you guys could do whole show concerning Managing Risk,it seems to be topic that is not discussed enough.

  2. Lar
    Lar says:

    As the HR Director for a company of mostly 20 something employees, I wish I could get them to understand the need to plan for retirement. I am most likely going to have to work longer than I want for the lack of planning myself but I will be taking my full SS in a few months. I don't think SS will be there for those coming up behind me in the same way.

  3. Hoppy Beer Drinker
    Hoppy Beer Drinker says:

    I have read a lot of how the wise investor is keeping more in stocks( because life averages have grown); I have a 58 yr co worker whom is putting 70% in bonds . He is trying to save so I'm giving him smart points for that.


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