White House trade adviser Peter Navarro breaks down the most important highlights from the U.S.-China trade deal. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial …

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  1. laurence steffens
    laurence steffens says:

    We're missing a lot.
    This week will end on a hi 27k, my thoughts will be Sunday in my head.
    Next week,
    With our position in the positive, we will see almost a 29k
    Within the next 3 months 29 will be registered.
    Within the next 6 months we may see 30
    What I see,
    Because many forward thinkers tells all.
    That's not me!

  2. Bill Smith
    Bill Smith says:

    Let's see Chinese need sorry haven't bought soy over a year. And their pork industry has been completely wiped out by swine flu for at least two generations that's at least a year. They have to feed their people starvation means revolution and I know it.

  3. Bill Smith
    Bill Smith says:

    Auto manufacturing will be great as long as The Idiot unions don't price themselves out of a job they tend to do that. They destroyed the auto market and the steel Market in the 70s with the cost of living contracts based on that price of steel and autos. Wages went up cost of Steel and Automobiles went up their wages went up cost of Automobiles and still went up good jobs went away. Ask the union workers in Georgia that we're making Twinkies. Demanded to higher wage increase company went broke. Company was bought non-union workers hired lower wages fewer jobs. Dumbasses

  4. Dudu Didi
    Dudu Didi says:

    Independency from North Kashmir to Grand Tibet (including East Turkestan, HK, Southern Mongolia!
    CCP Hans invaders/intruders, sent by Bank of China/Deutsh Bank Merkhel PLA’s criminal support… go home, to Beijing 3000km away!

  5. 自由中华911
    自由中华911 says:

    Propaganda and education are important weapons for the CCP to deal with the world. For mainland Chinese students, the Western world may do the opposite. Human rights and universal values are educated before formal professional studies. Give young people the opportunity to learn about the advanced civilizations and ideas of the world. Then the assessment will be carried out before passing the professional courses. Otherwise, the free world is training its enemies.


  6. Brian Crane
    Brian Crane says:

    China WILL RENEGE AFTER! the crops are harvested, goods are manufactured, oil has been pumped into tankers and everything is on its way to China…Then THE CHINESE WILL SAY: "NO! We will NOT buy as promised!" Like ordering an expensive meal at a posh restaurant and then walking away as the food is being carried to the table!!!

  7. Paul H
    Paul H says:

    Phase 1 of the trade agreement with China is a farce. It doesn't address any of the stated objectives for the tariffs and trade war with China, including currency manipulation, dumping of Chinese products on US markets, state subsidies, corporate-state espionage, or trademark and patent infringement.


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