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  1. billyrayband
    billyrayband says:

    How you have your money invested has the biggest effect on how much you can withdraw each year. And Josh is of course right that just because RMD makes you take out a certain amount, it does not mean you have to spend it. The IRS is peeing their pants wanting you to pay your taxes on that money. That is all the IRS cares about.

  2. David Neiss
    David Neiss says:

    Bengen's original paper addressed different stock/bond holdings, but I believe his 30 year analysis was on a 50/50 "common stocks/intermediate bond" mix not 60/40. See http://www.retailinvestor.org/pdf/Bengen1.pdf. I believe a later paper of his looked at different stock compositions (with a small cap tilt). In any case, there are further analysis of this from BigERN (a CFA, see his exhaustive series on Safe Withdrawal rates, https://earlyretirementnow.com/safe-withdrawal-rate-series/) and I think Wade Pfau as well.

  3. Donna
    Donna says:

    Haven’t gotten to taking money out yet so wondering at what age are we “required” to take RMD’s? When is good time to open a brokerage account to stash that unspent money?


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