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  1. Жамал Мамытбекова
    Жамал Мамытбекова says:

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  2. Виталина Викторова
    Виталина Викторова says:

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  3. йцу йцук
    йцу йцук says:

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  4. Сергей Зайченко
    Сергей Зайченко says:

    Thanks for the work, the video is cool! Consider the PRISM coin, since its launch it has been appreciated in Russia, the CIS countries and Asia. Even compared to bitcoins, it has a number of technical advantages that offer potential for the development of investment, business and the construction of structures. One of the latest achievements of PRIZM is the introduction of cryptocurrencies in the USA.

  5. Оля Иус
    Оля Иус says:

    Note! Prizm's uniqueness lies in its ingenious solution – the generation of new coins (Paramining) is separated from the generation of blocks (Forging). This is proprietary PoS + ParaManing technology, unlike thousands of forks, copies and fakes of bitcoin and ethereum. It is this technology that gives complete decentralization and fair participation of each follower in the extraction of new coins – seigniorage

  6. Кристина Сотина
    Кристина Сотина says:

    Thank you for the interesting and useful video. Investments are a very necessary and important stage in human life, and most importantly, conscious. The main thing is to correctly draw up an investment portfolio. I advise 50% of the portfolio to have a Prizm coin, it is a reliable and highly profitable tool.

  7. Вика Морозова
    Вика Морозова says:

    PRIZM. This is a Russian development – it surpasses Bitcoin in all respects: transaction speed, transaction cost, throughput, but most importantly – conceptually! As it develops, it is not centered like all of today's cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

  8. Андрей Галов
    Андрей Галов says:

    Nowadays, cryptocurrency is one of the ways to earn money. I invest in cryptocurrency PRIZM, the maximum income is up to 33% per month from paramining. Paramining is a coin generation technology, in other words, a coin is automatically accumulated in your wallet.

  9. Daria Moh
    Daria Moh says:

    Do you know the Prizm coin? I invest in Prizm, coins are mined in my personal wallet and bring passive income without risk! This new technology brings revenue every second, and the goal of passive income increases several times!

  10. Коля Серышев
    Коля Серышев says:

    If we conduct a market analysis over the past two years, few will be in the best cryptocurrencies. The year 2020 has come, and this will be the year of POS and similar technologies.
    Today, there are already currencies that work with this technology, and even there are unique currencies with a developed outlet.
    I chose the Prizm part (PZM) for me. It has great potential and unique PoS ParaMining technology (environmental and free mining)


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