Food and drink manufactuers have warned that prices will rise after the chancellor promised that Brexit will spell the end of alignment with EU rules. (Subscribe: …

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  1. Cardinal Sin
    Cardinal Sin says:

    all our new vehicles are on hold. all new spending is on hold. all new hiring even replacements, is on hold.
    thats our preparation. as a business owner i have too many responsibilities to play smoke and mirrors.

  2. M R
    M R says:

    Still no report out on Russian meddling. I am sure Al Pike and her many sockpuppets all have an opinion on that because Dobby will be in power for many more years. Topless calendars all round!

  3. M R
    M R says:

    Al Pike has been calling te EU socialist and communist for at least 18 months but now keeps posting about a book titled 'The EU: A Corporatist Racket: How the European Union Was Created by Global Corporatism'.
    So, er, Al Pike is a liar!

  4. 104 Restaurant
    104 Restaurant says:

    Anyone who thinks the government need to give a one size fits all list of what to do to prepare as a business owner, then you're seriously defunct in any intellect.

    Every larger business will need to prepare differently(Because small companies will not be affected). It completely depends on your business model and how you trade.

    If business owners don't know how to change, then they deserve to fail.

  5. Max Harbig
    Max Harbig says:

    Well nobody can blame Boris Johnson for not being explicit. After all didn't he say "F**k Business", or is that just one of the many other statements that have been been conveniently forgotten?

  6. Roy Wiseman
    Roy Wiseman says:

    New IMF economic report just released predicts that the UK will outperform Germany and France over the next two years, upgrading their confidence in the UK economy both during transition and post-Brexit.

  7. Chris L
    Chris L says:

    Vote for Brexit, because emigrants take our jobs LOL
    "Under the settlement scheme,  EU citizens living in the UK can apply to stay in the country after Brexit.
    So far the number of applicants to the scheme has hit more than 2.7 million.
    Nearly 2.5 million EU citizens have been told they can live and work in the UK after Brexit, while six "serious or persistent" criminals have had their applications rejected."
    Nothing changes, lol
    F* this s* hole england

  8. M R
    M R says:

    Brexit is really good for business if your business is making money from offshoring tax and creating ownership structures that hide ultimate beneficial owners.

  9. Wayne Sheldon
    Wayne Sheldon says:

    prepare for no deal cos thats all it will be. complete sham from start to finish. if i were a business id move abroad. just to get away from the bullshit. thats about the only clarity your gonna get with this lot. javid has a head shaped like a peanut btw. dont trust him his eyes are too close together..

  10. trapptowers
    trapptowers says:


  11. B. Ciernioch
    B. Ciernioch says:

    I just traveled to Switzerland, 🚛 lined up at the border for miles, waiting long long hours for the custom clearance, good luck GB. BTW Boris will get certainly „ King of the world“.

  12. Joan Evans
    Joan Evans says:

    The empire ended in 1956. Hello? Dumbest decision ever. You're stronger inside the EU. Expect 5 to 10 years of misery, before it all settles down into a kind of grey blur of nothing much.

  13. kangax
    kangax says:

    Divide and Conquer – the EU must be united – nowadays US, China and the Ruskis will try to pick us one by one… your leaders first sold their asses, now we must be stronger than ever… its very sad to see you go…

  14. henk
    henk says:

    Come 1 January 2021 Britain will become a rule taker. As part of the EU, Britain was among world leaders and could behave accordingly. On its own, Britain will become a rule taker that will have to listen to the bigger economies such as USA, China, EU, Russia and India. Trade is done according to the law of the strongest country and Little Britain will soon be a middle-sized country on the edge of the EU, far away from where the real deals are done.

  15. Ralf Rath
    Ralf Rath says:

    I think they do not know what Brexit IS. this is why they always know and always tell people what Brexit is and means, but we all know the truth even Boris or Nigel do not know what Brexit is or means. Maybe Brexit is a good dream then THE DREAM WILL END IF we will pay the BREXIT PRICE!

  16. joyela aeuvunya
    joyela aeuvunya says:

    the general iq is just too low in the UK,
    For people who place votes on some who uses 1930s propaganda nazi imagery in the ad election campagins

    all our grandparents would be spinning in their graves now, as they watch this spastic with a nazi attitude an no sense of humour ruin the landscape of the UK with his ugly disturbed vision of the future

    the convervatives have failed all of us! its obvious. This is the UK, we don't use Nazi ad campaings that mimic Hitler's propaganda posters. for christs sake, you people are so stupid to allow this to happen its disgusting.
    you ought to use your brains for once
    shame on you,
    stupid billboard companies,
    where is the censorship?
    where are the morals?
    stupid politicians
    right wing will never ever win with their dark evil plans

  17. lee C
    lee C says:

    To all remoaners when you decided to mark your ballot papers with your choice remain or leave you are also entering a contract to respect the outcome. Now the outcome was leave as we all know. To keep writing about how you hate it is just a waste of time. It's time to grow up and get on with your lives.


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