FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on the historic week which included stock market records and Democratic “contempt for Trump.” FOX Business Network (FBN) is a …

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  1. Shasta Graff
    Shasta Graff says:

    Trump hatred is nothing next to the asshattery by the party.
    Same bunch that wants to open the borders to all criminals and terrorists, then put the Invaders on welfare with medical and housing benefits.

  2. Lyndon Jones
    Lyndon Jones says:

    Who remembers “The Life Of Brian”. Bunch of sad losers asking “ what did the Romans do for us?” Followed by the list of accomplishments. To which they reply…../… Apart from that.

  3. Lookementheye
    Lookementheye says:

    Its shameful, it's such a disgrace . If the Dems can use any words or persons to use for their hatred for Trump they will. Its to the point that the Republican Senate and anyone associated with Trump is a corrupted criminal given orders by Russia according to Pelosi, Its bizarre and Freggen Unbelievable..

  4. Sonny Naicker
    Sonny Naicker says:

    What a brilliant Man. What a brilliant President. He has done what your Islamist Obama stated that Jobs are never coming back. Low & behold the Democrats are proven wrong. What about those tapes by the MSM joking & ridiculing why Donald Trump can never be President of the USA. Their vote rigging efforts failed that is why Donald Trump is President. The people voted him into office inspite of all the vote rigging. God bless you all God bless America God bless Donald Trump

  5. Crimadella Phone
    Crimadella Phone says:

    I would say their judgment isn't clouded, they know what they are doing, trying anything they can to stop Trump before they get exposed and possibly arrested for their money laundering and theft operation in Ukraine. I'm so ready for the Senate Biden Probe, it comes right after the impeachment is over with, Rudy Giuliani will be called to the Senate to present his thousands of documents, evidence, and his 12 witnesses will likely get called. 😆

  6. Joseph Traina
    Joseph Traina says:

    I have a NOVEL IDEA .How about these loser politicians start concerning themselves with US, the American people.Worry less about their personal Bank accounts or their power over our lives.

  7. Roger Elder
    Roger Elder says:

    There was a lot of planning to arrange a scenario where the President, Vice President, Chief Justice and the entirety of Republican Senators would be in the same place at the same time. Nancy may have been giddy passing out pens because she thinks she is going to be POTUS soon.

  8. Henry Niemi
    Henry Niemi says:

    There are only few democrats that really hate Trump and who are behind Pelosi all the way.
    Most of the democrat party just want this nonsense to be finished so that they can concentrate in the real business of running the country with their fellow politicians across party lines.

  9. MINISTER Johnson
    MINISTER Johnson says:

    Democrats main problem with their argument is, they keep saying that Trump withheld Ukrainian money to advance his Political interest. Just because that may be the affect of the Investigation, doesn't mean that was the agenda Trump had in mind. Know one ever alleged that they heard Trump say that! Trump has never been worried about Biden. The Democrats are the ones who are worried for Biden. Biden is the one who used his power to do what you are claiming Trump did. Trump had no choice but to investigate the alleged fraud . he has to make sure it doesn't affect the new Presidency. Trump cannot give away Tax payers money if he believes and has heard that Tax Payer money has been abused in the past. The money that Hunter Biden was receiving was a Kickback from The Billion Dollars that Biden was threatening to withhold. The payment percentage was being laundered through the Ukrainian Company Barista .That is the real reason Hunter Biden was assigned as a board member with such a large Salary. Trump knew it was questionable, because as a businessman, he would never pay his own executive that kind of money. Those kind of Salaries were unheard of in Ukraine. The Investigation was mandatory. You could say that he was derelict if he didn't demand a promise of a investigation. He can Legally do this. It is no where near abuse of power if there was even the hint of an impropriety was out there. Biden made that public. Democrats just want to protect their candidate. There is no crime. Presidents have a right to withhold money if he THINKS he has a reason. We don't care that that lady was surveyed. WHY??? We need to find out if the Kickbacks were true or not. Hunter Biden was used to Launder Tax Payer money. The Constitution has nothing to do with what the Democrats are doing. You cannot pick and choose when you want to follow the Constitution. Or when you feel like following the Constitution. Trump did not violate the Public Trust.

  10. Alex Tourigny
    Alex Tourigny says:

    They can't stand the president actually building this country up. All they want to do is tear it down, and fleece the system out of every penny they can along the way. These Democrats and their Socialist agenda is designed to break up the economic structure, and make people more dependent on hand outs to gain total control. New World Order puppets, just like Obummer was. We wont be controlled, and government needs to get out of peoples lives and keep their social changes designed in the form of more affordable housing and medical care. Stop funding programs that don't work, just so they can pick the bones clean and line their pockets. It's all about $ and control !

  11. Daniel Mount
    Daniel Mount says:

    We need to Get Rid of the Democrat Party and then Forbid these same Democrat Politicians from being able to run for any Political Office in the United States. There is a new Political Party forming and that is the Constitution Party that should take its place. Because there is nothing more important then our Constitution.


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