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  1. HML
    HML says:

    No fees my ass They roll that into the price when you buy Your crypto don’t fall for it and they give you a hard time trying to take your funds out of the exchange hours and hours to transfer funds

  2. Deloras Cobb
    Deloras Cobb says:

    For bitcoin, The bulls are still under pressure and if the dip isn’t over as anticipated, we may still see $9,000 this week but the trend still indicates BTC would have a strong close this year and see a new all-time high before the second quarter of 2020. so we must be on a positive lookout and build a solid portfolio and the best way about this is by trading daily. but extra care must be taken when you decide to trade on your own. So the best approach is to be guided by an expert trader with a very strong success rate. My choice remains David Stefan. With his accuracy almost 100%, I applied his strategy and was able to trade 1.4 btc into 7 btc in about 3 weeks. In appreciation of his services, I’d like to make others know of this super trader. David can be reached through Telegraam ( @davidstefan ) and WhatsApp ( +48 732 231075 ) for further details

  3. Mr. T
    Mr. T says:

    I thought about doing this but decided not to. I almost cashed out to buy gold when it was 1100. Glad I didn’t. I love digital assets and cryptocurrency don’t get me wrong. However you need to be diversified in my opinion. 401(k) and stocks are not going anywhere. Dollar is not going to crash. Too many people are vested into it for that to happen. I don’t care what any of the theories say. In any event I applaud your outcome and your videos.


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