On this episode of Executive Decision, West Bengal Finance Minister Amit Mitra explains the curios paradox of a slowdown and inflation that is set to hit the …

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  1. Jay Ray
    Jay Ray says:

    Dr Mitra mentioned Rs 70,000 crores investments in roads and infrastructure. He needs to answer why Majherhat Bridge is still not repaired – a span of only a few 100 feet, why Diamond Habour Rd going to Behala is in such sorry state, I can go on and on.

  2. ashes2rose
    ashes2rose says:

    Vote sensibly and vote sensible ones. Else you will have what you have now as BJP government. Elect candidates for 5 years to serve India and not DICTATORS to rule over India.

  3. an old gupti
    an old gupti says:

    What the government needs to do (imho):
    1) restructure the GST again
    2) get your priorities right: bring stability, build confidence, bring about unity (be nice to all communities)
    3) address public concerns (from students and communities)
    4) be open, be a good listener, be flexible, take advise from all
    5) be open with your agenda (an idea or plan thought up long ago in the past may not be relevant or applicable now)
    6) if you cant make something better then dont make it worse!

  4. Gurinder Singh
    Gurinder Singh says:

    ND Modi prefers mythologies over truth, hence he and his hindu rashtar extremists brigands often employ lies for benefits. But the truth shall always triumph. Let's see how much economic pains the hindu rashtar extremist outfits rss and snatan Sanstha members can endure till they abondon their war against India.

  5. Syed Khan
    Syed Khan says:

    no investor will come to india because of religious type of govt . see what happend to pakistans economy which is in shambles. because of this mistake of islamic republic.

  6. Sajan Thomas
    Sajan Thomas says:

    See how well educated and knowledgeable persons holding ministerial positions see and explain the core aspects of economy , can we find a single person in key positions in cow dung BJP party ruled states or in center like this ? No wonder why the nation and the economy is going from bad worst situation as we see now . Alarmingly the whole of nations wealth including vital economic and infrastructural assets that was created in the past by visionary leaders and governments is being mercilessly looted by the fascist criminal gang in power along with a handful of benamie corporates , almost the whole of economic wealth is being now getting concentrated in a handful of Guj mafia corporates

  7. Mithilesh Jha
    Mithilesh Jha says:

    Forget it ,my country is too busy in discussing CAA,nrc(honestly I support CAA but whats the need to do it now,when we are screwed in economy) .Wait for 2 more years and then we will see how much claps the great 2 leaders of the country get. Screwed the economy fools and incompetent people.

  8. Farhan Khan
    Farhan Khan says:

    First time in history of India such situation like stagflation has come up .. Its really worrying how Indian Economy is going … And the Govt is Just interested in dividing Indians on Religious Basis

  9. Sajan Thomas
    Sajan Thomas says:

    Compare educated visionary leaders like this gentleman , Manmohan Singh , Chidambaram , Rajiv Gandhi, Indira , Nehru , Patel, Kapil Cibal etc who advanced the country to an unmatchable level in spite all sort of adverse conditions on one hand and illiterate Fekus like Monghee , Amit , yonghee and a gang of criminals on the other side who is taking the country to the Stone Age and dividing nation on filthy reasons for petty gains and living on a mountain of lies . This is why education and visionary approach matters and this is what is lacking in the fascist criminal gang of cow dung party . What we achieved in 60 years this mafia gang destroyed in 6 years

  10. Sajan Thomas
    Sajan Thomas says:

    The first and basic requirement for cure for an ailing person is to recognize and admit the ailment suffering from, but this bunch of criminals whose top leader is notorious for his profession on lies and lies , they never admit the ailment till it goes to the point of no return

  11. honest man
    honest man says:

    Modi+Amit Shah govt. unleashes ED, CBI, ITD, IB, TROLLS, etc. on the opponents (including industrialists) who don't pay them huge commission. ADANI, AMBANI, ANIL AGARWAL (of Vedanta/Sterlite), etc PAY HUGE MONEY TO MODI+AMIT SHAH LED BJP FOR MAKING FAVOURABLE LAWS & POLICIES. ELECTORAL BONDS IS ONE SUCH OPAQUE SCHEME TO HIDE DONORS IDENTITY.

  12. C S
    C S says:

    Ndtv ko after 6 years finally arsenal mil gaaya after economy really dumped against modi.
    Plus money from kejriwal and newly won Congress states.

  13. Fateh Singh
    Fateh Singh says:

    Problem is – these bhakts had a taste of cow dung & they were told to declare it like a cake… With this declaration they can't avoid taking cow dung daily….
    BJP has devoid India of a decade which otherwise could have been a high growth era…. Youth r suffering… God Save us as courts have decided not to do so..

  14. C S
    C S says:

    As the opposition doesnt have any corruption charges, they are calling fraud in GST by companies as corruption by the government.
    Countries like USA handled 2008 handled housing bubble and here this idiot is saying nothing can be done with 5% GDP while most developing economies including China are facing demand issues.

  15. Mani Kanth
    Mani Kanth says:

    17:45 "you have to put money in the hands of the people to stimulate demand"
    Exactly what Amit Mitra's guru Dr. Swamy has been saying "to abolish income tax". Hope the govt heeds to the excellence.

  16. Phantom
    Phantom says:

    West Bengal is at the top of the list of states for GDP growth rate, achieving 12.58 per cent during 2018-19 surprisingly still Centre has no money to give back money to West Bengal


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