Today we’re going over a scenario to see the effect of someone starting a roth conversion plan to improve their net worth in the long run. We’ll cover the details …

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  1. Scott Fauque
    Scott Fauque says:

    That was a very useful visual view of the NestEgg software and the tax brackets. Very cool that the software helped figure out how much to convert each year. The big missing discussion point of where the money was going to come from to pay the taxes for those conversions. ie. with savings that are liquid and aren’t in a retirement account.

  2. MrChoudhury
    MrChoudhury says:

    It’s in Congress’s radar that ‘Backdoor’ conversation is a loophole (sorry, do not have the link at the moment, so take it for what it’s worth) so it may not be an option at some point or a modified edition that only serves some 😏😒, maybe available.

    So what would those folks do who are in a long term job and can’t rollover just yet. ☹️😞


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