New video shows two Iranian missiles hitting a Ukrainian plane. RELATED: She survived the Iran airstrike New video appears to …

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  1. yikyu Tam
    yikyu Tam says:

    If Iran plan to launch missiles, that mean they had give a warning to airport no planes should be in the sky. They did give warning to the US? Is the passengers are traitors so Iran didn't give a warning to the airport.

  2. Yafa Flores
    Yafa Flores says:

    Why wasn’t the skies cleared when they had given notice to the US bases. That’s the real question to ask why the FAA were not informed if the USA knew they were sending missiles. Please let’s remember the USA started it first by killing the general. That’s something that should not be left out because two wrongs will never make it right

  3. Jeff Layton
    Jeff Layton says:

    Shooting down a airliner, in the middle of there country and a major city, full of there own people. Then use the Bart Simpson defense { I didn't do it}. Talk about reckless and stupid. Iran is full of backwards, delusional, desert tribesmen.

  4. Dawn Silverstone
    Dawn Silverstone says:

    This was not a accident a accident is writing the date down wrong but killing over 170 people is NO accident because we can't bring those people back they're gone….. and iran has to pay one way or the other they will be held responsible for all 176 lives taken, innocent kids and for the innocent blood that was shed.

  5. Iran is evil
    Iran is evil says:

    Hitting the civil plane which was leaving Tehran with 2 missiles means Iran was frightened, shitting their pants without even a battle…so Iran is not that strong powerful country the democrat's media tried to portray

  6. King Xerxes
    King Xerxes says:

    It's an outrage. After the first missile hit, the poor pilot actually managed to turn around the damaged plane and try to land it. But Iran launched a second missile completely set it ablaze, which made the now lifeless plane go into nose dive crash. Completely beyond a simple goof up! Never give sophisticated equipment to Islamic un-Iranian clumpsy and stupid regime!

  7. tRuMptUB3 Ps4
    tRuMptUB3 Ps4 says:

    This explains why they couldnt figure out why comms went out before the missile hit from first video. First video was second shot. First hit took out communication and then second destroyed and killed the pilots. Chaos on the plane after first hit. Iran could tell the was a airliner they low? They also couldnt track it came from iran. They blame us but this was in fact the stupidity of iran only .

  8. Masterr Laster
    Masterr Laster says:

    The second missile attack proves it was no accident. How shameless of Iran to think they could get away with such a lie. They were deliberately trying to destroy evidence and cover up the truth. Only when they were sure there was too much evidence to cover up did they come forward. Lying piece of Trash murders!

  9. Gerry Hazelton
    Gerry Hazelton says:

    Goes to show how stupid Iran's military is… did these idiots not know that commercial flights are in the general vicinity? And Iran's ruler has the balls to call us "clowns" hahahahaha… send one of our nuclear subs there and turn that country into glass….

  10. Henry Nu
    Henry Nu says:

    Iran cant declare no fly zone or any that you stop civilian exposed outside. Because Iran is a terrorist mind government officials, they need civilians as human shield, so that US wont just strike toward Iran. We never learned. Do you see how palestinians operate? Human shield is their one of the greatest defense tactic.


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