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  1. Anthony Picard
    Anthony Picard says:

    New subscriber and fan from Sydney, Australia! We'll take some of your snow over our out-of-control bushfires and stifling hot summer heat. Keep up the great work, could listen to you talk for hours.

  2. Dylan Dean
    Dylan Dean says:

    Heyy right on I didn't know you lived in Vancouver I assumed you were out East (so you don't have to wake up so early haha)

    I am just moving there with my girlfriend, we are both Treeplanters and I am interested in you to take on the BC lumber industry. If you could do a stock analysis of Canfor and Interfor, West Fraser and others. After Great Pacific Capital Corp. made an offer on taking Canfor private for much more then the stock was trading at. It makes me think if Pattison thinks its a bargain and the shareholders think it is undervalued not to accept the bid for nearly double what Canfor was trading at, at the time.

    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and all your hard work, This would make a great series for Canadian investors and I would follow closely

  3. Fort Canucks
    Fort Canucks says:

    Hi Brandon,
    will ETF ticker VGG safer during economic downturn even though it has more of tax drag and it cost more?
    I'm thinking about holding it in RDSP and hoping to max out of RDSP in next 5 years. So I can start withdraw from it when I am in my 50s.
    can you do a video on it?

  4. AMiRICH
    AMiRICH says:

    Great points! I will say that coming from Edmonton where the temperature was -40C this week and we have many roads you could literally skate on at the moment, this is mildly weak haha

    As for the loss/gain percentages, this is a great reason to cost average down if you think the company will go back up … I think this is Jeremy's strategy 🙂

  5. Helder Da Silva
    Helder Da Silva says:

    Hi here from Portugal this planted seaside country. Love yourvideos they are very educational! Everyone says that the recession is coming and it is also known that the recession is a time of opportunity! Considering a long-term investment strategy, what is the best way to prepare myself to make the most of the recession, first to lose less and second to recover faster. should I slow down the rate of my investment? Or should i change my type of investment?

  6. HarneySnoops
    HarneySnoops says:

    Ya mind doing a recap on ACB please? As you may well know, it went down a lot, and did you sell your position from it? I Bought a few shares back when they were trading at 8$ and some at 3.51$

  7. mayank patel
    mayank patel says:

    Hey brandon thank you for your contents you put out. Learned a lot last month since I started looking into investing and actually opened trading account and logged some trades. I have question what you think about HMji marijuana inverse etf? Should I go heavy on it or you think that’s not great idea.

  8. zeropro0
    zeropro0 says:

    we are going to get about 15 to 20 cm snow over weekend in TO… if we had about 1 to 5 cm snow and you work from home ppl at office will call you names for years to come ….. i guess u not use to it so best to stay home and avoid drivers on roads who dont know how to drive in snow and dont have winters on

  9. Emanuel Serra
    Emanuel Serra says:

    This mathematical walkthrough of a financial loss was a much appreciated reminder. I have a nest egg of contingent low price buy orders set but I completely forgot to include some bonds. I'm going to fix that now. Thanks for looking out for us, log cabin Brandon! Don't use the furniture as kindling!


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