The Senate passed the USMCA trade agreement. At noon, impeachment Managers, led by the House Sergeant at Arms, hold a procession ceremony.

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  1. purpose for life
    purpose for life says:

    They don't get it what is Trump going to gain he is not doing this for money he has more than enough of it. He's doing this for the country and the benefit of the people, I wouldn't like to be them coming against this President. He was living a great life before this let GOD be the judge in all of this.

  2. jamesdond1
    jamesdond1 says:

    Seeing that none of these stated actions by the duley elected president were outside his authority, a motion to dismiss should be presented to the Supreme Court forthwith.

  3. middy vanhoose
    middy vanhoose says:

    wow so many lies so sad

    *They want to take down our USA wow
    can't u c it???  The powers that be, r getting desperate and losing
    control of the people. The people r waking up now and starting to hear the
    truth. They do not have anything on President Trump and there is nothing they
    can do to stop what is coming now, The trap is working and they r all turning
    themselves in 4 treason, r u enjoying the show … God is directing Trump's
    path, trust the plan … WWG1WGA, Our God sent Christ to save us and other
    messengers to help guide us pay attention, God is working through His people.
    Trump doesn't need to be here, they r blinded of the truth!!! In
    CA on our voter registration form, there is no republican choice to chose, we
    have no republican choice to register republican plz help us

  4. middy vanhoose
    middy vanhoose says:

    little schiff your demon is showing lol

    WOW WHATEVER HAPPENED TO, BEING INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY !!!  THERE GOES MORE OF OUR RIGHTS, SAD. Our God sent Christ to save us and other messengers to help guide us pay attention, God is working through His people. Trump
    doesn't need to be here, r u blind? The left r all puppets of the
    demons, that can be used by the powers that be … OMG, that is y they hate
    Trump, he is no puppet lol sweet Trump 2020 … *Nancy's Agenda 21, a way for the
    elites to herd us into overcrowded mega city's and to make laws that prohibit
    us from being able to enter the open countryside, where of course they will
    live. OMG FIRE !!! Once again the TRUTH will not get AIR time sad
    when they won't let the people even hear the TRUTH!!! listen to both sides do u
    want this country to become part of the one-world order or stay free to have a
    voice and rights, we r on the verge of losing it all, we the people have to be
    ready, study and make your own choice, look at both sides, Good V Evil this is a spiritual war, u have the right of choice that most of the world does not have,
    that choice to have the right to choose. Pray, we
    get to keep this awesome free country! Thank the Lord 4 your messenger to help
    us save this country, Amen

  5. max always goes by boat
    max always goes by boat says:

    WTF is this guy thinking? He didn't hear the call? Blatant lies perped by the left! and watz the
    deal with the dude who's a little lite in the loafers? he definitely likes lite-howzer, like he wouldnt mind checkin out the lite-saber in lite-howzers trousers…

  6. max always goes by boat
    max always goes by boat says:

    congress has, and wants to much POWER…who holds the oversight for these MF's ? we do…
    and her goes lite-saber guy…again talking about trojan horse…how many jockeys has he blown thru?


    Okay. So I'm into this vid by about 8:17 where Schumer is giving his rant / rhetoric /etc. What the Hell is he Yappin about? What NERVE! What GALL! Schumer is accusing OUR President of the Very thing Schumer, Schifty Schiff, Brennan, Pelosi, Biden, Obummer, HRC and a whole batch of the Dems have been doing! Including those evil one's like the Ohr's LIsa Page, the demonic Peter Strzok, McCabe, Comey and that whole swamp creature batch have all been pulling on OUR Nation and on OUR Vote, and This Administration. They all conspired with that phony failed movie script now morphed into and known as the Steele dossier.
    Christopher Steele, a British MI5,and MI6, and whatever .. a foreigner who was helping the Dems interfere with OUR US election process. Then there's the infamous Stephan Halper and the wicked wanna-be Mifsud .. Another Foreigner who was helping the Dems interfere with OUR 2016 US election trying to cheat We the People out of Our Vote. Our Voice. And this Schumer has the GALL to rattle on with this goofy rant about his own President, Donald J. Trump. I READ the Transcript! There was NO quid pro quo between President Trump and the new Ukraine president. The Dems keep trying to play all of US for fools.
    They must be tossed out on their ear this election. Those evil Dems not up for re-election have to be recalled and pulled out of office. We the People Must have relief from those lying corrupt fools! Pelosi played the American people for fools with all that push thru the impeachment inquiry without FIRST taking the required House Floor vote. Therefore she had NO subpoena powers and NO house managers. She still don't. She's trying to singularly appoint Schifty Adam Schiff and corrupt Nadler as temporary House managers it looks like. But that's not how that works. It's not supposed to go like that. They were the chairmen of the Intel committee and whatever is left of the Judiciary committee. Conflicted interests ..working in duel capacity. They're not legit House managers. But stupid Schumer is trying to push this horse manure as if it were all legit. ( and he looks more and more like a very low IQ person) Who did he purchase his law degree from? Cracker Jacks?

  8. max always goes by boat
    max always goes by boat says:

    if they can do this to a duly elected POTUS, what can they do to you? jim jordan prez 2028

    and there he is again…dribblin all over himself, thankin lite-trouser, he say mr. man, can u hard work me over? sorry but the purple tie says it all "litehowzer's trousers" yea i know, kinda bigited, but i dont even know how to spell bigoted…

  9. 39thala
    39thala says:

    I have a hard time believing Schumer's deputy chief of staff, Erin Sager Vaughn (the woman sitting next to him) can actually believe any of that nonsense he says. It has to be obvious to her that much of what he accuses McConnell of wanting to do in the Senate, can be directly pointed at what the Dems actually did in the House. She must see the hypocrisy of her boss's words. But, he pays her well, so….

  10. Elizabeth Sprowes
    Elizabeth Sprowes says:

    Why did you not charge Obama when he did the same, but never gave them what they really needed. Trump gave them things to help them protected them selves, when we were Shure they would use it the right way.


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