How Much Money Do We Need To Enjoy Retirement? Order Everyday Millionaires today! + Order the Book: The Chris Hogan Show is also …

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  1. RAM Real Estate Investing
    RAM Real Estate Investing says:

    Average life span is 85, you’re 61 = 24 years left, plan for more Incase!
    If you’re expenses are $5k/mo * 24 yrs * 12 months = $1.4 Million.
    That doesn’t include if you spend less or more AND doesn’t include your pensions. DO YOUR MATH. Figure it out! Don’t be emotional, just DO THE MATH! 👍🏻

  2. JOY of RVing
    JOY of RVing says:

    We work and work and work preparing for retirement- then we die before we even get there. My coworker and her husband have done this. They both have decent paying jobs. Paid their house off, cash flowed their 2 kids college, both have a decent 401K invested. She never goes to a salon. Her husband cuts and colors her hair and daughters help her with her nails. Now that they turned 64 and 65 they’re all set to retire and her husband died a month ago. So they scrimped and saved for retirement that he never got to enjoy. So sad.

  3. Cecilia Petrowsky
    Cecilia Petrowsky says:

    OMG! Is this a brag call? This guy cannot be serious. Unless you are going to travel the world in luxury accommodations, you will outlast your money if it’s invested properly. He can mostly live off the pensions and Social Security and not even touch his nest egg if he has no debt. Retire already and enjoy life!


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