FOX Business’ Jackie DeAngelis discusses to her exclusive interview with the former Iranian crown prince Reza Pahlavi. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a …

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  1. alwaysopen
    alwaysopen says:

    I thought the guy in the thumbnail was a younger picture a man i knew in the 90s who moved here from Iran in the 30s when they had some political mess going on. His uncle put he and his brother on a train and gave them enough money to come here and start anew. He went to college at Duke and Notre Dame before serving in the Army as an officer in WWII. He went into the state dept and was the first American who went to Japan for the reoccupation of the country. He was a descendant of the Quajar dynasty – enemies of the Pahlavi. Since his family is rightful heirs to the throne he could never return and claim his inheritence – in the millions.

  2. richard marriott
    richard marriott says:

    So the us needs to get another regime change..

    I would have thought that america learnt it's lesson from the last few attempts.

    Would America let others meddle in their political process like this? No..

  3. Sanaz Najian
    Sanaz Najian says:

    Why your channel does not show millions of people in Iran and different countries such as India, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Afganistan and other countries in the region backing up the regime and poor Iranians inside the country, who are being bullied by you? If a few hundred people in Iran protest, it is just because of the terrible, bullying, economic sanction which you Americans are putting on them. American people chose their president and so far you just follow warmongers and clowns, that is the reason Iranian believe it is actually the American citizens who want to harm Iranians until they bow and give you the chance to hit them with your poisonous dagger in the heart. GOD IS WITH US. As he saved Moses and his companion from the enemies of God, he will save Iranians from you USA as well. Iranians will defend their country no matter where they are in the world.

  4. mohammad ali naqvi
    mohammad ali naqvi says:

    Today world media knows that people understand what they teaches to them kindly be fair from India to u.s media is most corrupted iran is democracy nd people of Iran are happy nd support their gov. But sanctions of u.s are making it hard for them u.s are working for Israel they are making enemy just to make Israeli lobby happy , Shia Muslims love Americas Iran love them but their policy are just for Israeli people who thinks people of u.s are deaf nd dumb.

  5. nomullas
    nomullas says:

    as Shah of iran warned the world 40 years ago "without stability in Iran,there will not be stability in the region and the world" the time has come for the world to support Iranians by quit supporting the murderous regime of mullahs in Iran

  6. baja matero
    baja matero says:

    There was no democracy and human rights under the sjah,the father of this so-called crownprince.
    The sjah was a puppet who led the Western nations suck the blood out of Iran.
    I doubt the Iranian people want to go back to that time.

  7. G N
    G N says:

    He cannot help himself, he wants to help … . This man never worked in his entire life , he spends Iranian people money that his family stole from Iran. And what crown? … . His father admitted that their era ended on 1979. He is no better than the politicians of the current regime of Iran, he is only wearing a different masque.

  8. Alex Al
    Alex Al says:

    Those who have been around long enough;Know for absolute certainty that it was US and It’s allies who brought down Shah of Iran 🇮🇷!!
    And replaced him with the regime of Ayatollahs!!??
    So;All the BS the media is dishing out to the general public is nothing but calculated propaganda.

  9. طراوت رامسر
    طراوت رامسر says:

    بووووووووووووووووووس جاوید ششششششششششششششاه ایشان وکیل تام الا ختیار من وخانواده ام هستند . خاندانش افتخار هر ایرانیست .

  10. ghazanfar ghazanfari
    ghazanfar ghazanfari says:

    I am an Iranian and all of us who are risking our lives and protesting the mullah regime in Iran want Reza Pahlavi as to come back to Iran and lead the country. There is no other real opposition to the mullahs other than Reza Pahlavi and all other ones are controlled opposition who are funded by the Islamic Republic. Everyone outside of Iran seem to be ignorant to this fact due to the propaganda spread by the mullahs and the liberal mainstream media who are also helping to censor the voice of the Iranian people. The end of this evil regime is near and we are seeing their last struggles. Long live Reza Pahlavi 👑 ❤️️❤️️❤️️

  11. Molana Rumi
    Molana Rumi says:

    Former crown prince of Iran, is a coward traitor to his own nation. This guy has no support back in Iran. He is funded by Saudi Arabia , Iran’s enemy. This talks loudly of this low life character. His father was a dictator, and he is an ineffective leader for his almost nonexistent followers.


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