More than half of adult cancer survivors suffered a range of financial hardships after beating the disease, including having to borrow money, tapping their …

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  1. stan hootzz
    stan hootzz says:

    YEAH………..and what kin be said fer the F$CKIN THOUSANDS of MENTALLY ILL THROWN out on the STREETS these 3 years by the GOP??? HUH???HOWS ABOUT thet kinda suffering…mayhaps we dont even know why we are al of a sudden on the streets , no food, no help, no meds…JUST F$CKIN CRAWL OFF_N_DIE ya USELESS WASTE of HUMANITY is …………………………………………..the GOP SLOGAN…whose the TERRORISTS?

  2. Patty Kelly
    Patty Kelly says:

    Sadly, a lot of people struggling to pay those bills dont take vacations or spend money on 'leisure activities' or have savings to deplete or were planning a large purchase like a home…because they can't afford those things. And paying for their medical bills has come out of thin air. Because this country still believes that you are only entitled to healthcare if you make enough money to afford insurance. So if you can't afford insurance you just suffer with the illness and sometimes die because of an inability to pay. EVERY SINGLE MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD IN THIS COUNTRY NEEDS AND DESERVES HEALTHCARE. We need a single payer system.


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