ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood is confident that shares of Tesla could reach $6000 in the next five years. ARK Invest analyst Tasha Keeney joins The Final …

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  1. Sem Brandenburg
    Sem Brandenburg says:

    Funny how history always repeat itself. Ateast they made the headlines.

    OK, as for the 6k arguments it boils down to rating Tesla as a tech company. Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet are trillion dollar companies so therefore Tesla will as well and therefore we need a 6k stock price.

    Only fact is… nobody knows what will happen.

    What we do know:
    Tesla is still very small compared to other car makers

    A Tesla is not like an iPhone business with healthy eco system

    A Tesla is not that easily scalable as the cloud business from Microsoft and Amazon

    A Tesla does not have all the internet data like Alphabet to sell advertising on

    Gross margin Tesla are high because of all the high priced options. Can they compete when in 5 years every car maker has a strong enough EV model to offer

    People telling that Tesla is miles ahead of competition. But this is certainly not the case for interior build and body work. So yes, others need to catch up on EV tech but Tesla needs it on the other dimensions.

    Tesla is operating on a simple model with just a few models

    Tesla models are getting older and will need a redesign. This is costly and they can get it wrong. Pulling car lovers to other models.

    The more cars the higher the risk becomes for recalls. Change parts on 100.000 cars out of your own pockets when those pockets are near empty

    History showed us that the next big thing is in most cases totally different from what we are used to now. We went from a living horse to a dead car running on explosive material. So probably in 10 years from now we will see the next big thing in personal transportation. And it will probably not look like a car.

  2. the SantasWS
    the SantasWS says:

    The bit that may get Tesla slowed down is the lack of power in the electrical Grid and that a lot of Governments will remove tax intensives and introduce E car taxes to recoup lost fuel taxes,
    Also there might be a little bump in the road with a massive rise in lithium cost.
    I can see plenty other possible downsides that could squeeze tesla share prices.

  3. MrPCT007
    MrPCT007 says:

    In the next decade a lot of americans will be left behind because of technology. Like Yang has said. AI will devastate the job market. Tesla will disrupt Uber/Lyft/taxi service.

  4. James Harris
    James Harris says:

    Back in the 70s GM sat around producing crappy cars year after year, while the Japanese were sending over these well-built fuel efficient Hondas and Toyotas. By the time GM woke up it was too late. Have they learned from their mistakes? Nope, it's probably too late for them to catch up to Tesla in the EV market. Sell GM buy Tesla.

  5. O. Liam Wright
    O. Liam Wright says:

    Who else has a Nationwide electrical recharge grid already setup for vehicles? Tesla is not just a product. It's a platform. most people drive between 7:00 to 19:00 and recharge at night. Household batteries would work well with solar. Printed 3D Houses are lower cost to produce and can use concrete from carbon sequestration.

  6. Graham Sutton
    Graham Sutton says:

    When the CEO of the second most valuable car company in the world (Herbert Diess VW) says in public "if VW dont speed up their development they will be relegated to the Nokia of the phone world" you know there is something serious happening in legacy auto. And that something is now the 3rd most valuable car company in the world, it came from nowhere because no one was actually looking……. Tesla . Arc invest have been looking Herbert Diess has vindicated the thesis. When will we hear from the No1 Toyota….Probably never…..To big to fail? Where have we heard that before? At $1200 Tesla will be number 1 and more importantly headed for $6000….. game over. How do I know? Research, and 35 years engineering in auto world wide. Listen to analysts by all means but be aware the rate of change and the groundswell on this stock has 90% fooled. Drive the car make your own mind up.

  7. mammutit
    mammutit says:

    this is a very dangerous stock to own, WHEN the recession comes, probably within 1-3 years its going to decimate auto sales. especially luxury cars as Tesla. I dont know how these people come up with these numbers….just a heads up to the rookie investors looking for a get rich fast strategy.

  8. putheflamesout yahoo
    putheflamesout yahoo says:

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  9. Henrik Raymond
    Henrik Raymond says:

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  10. Dennis W
    Dennis W says:

    Pretty pricey for a company that loses BILLIONS every year. Their registrations have been slipping in Cali. Sure sign of a bubble to me when you bid a company losing money to the moon

  11. john
    john says:

    and how much cash will they return to investors with a $6000 stock?….what if there is a tariff on China-made EV vehicles to boost local US manufacturers?

  12. Alexisstoned
    Alexisstoned says:

    The stock price is surely a bubble for the current realistic value of the company. But its the biggest and fastest growing EV company in the world and EV's are the only logical way to go in the future. Tesla is gonna easily scale up to 2-3 million cars per year in a 5 year period.That is still a really small number of the cars produced and sold in the planet. And the demand is 100% of the cars produced due the absolute best product in the market. It is all Apple vs. Nokia / Blackberry / etc again. There is only one way for Tesla as a company and that is fast growth. Saying all this, it is also the safest bet on first adapter on AV tech. And if one gets to be a couple years ahead to competition on that, the company is going to crash the current x trillion $ taxi market world wide and is going to make who knows how much money. So bet some long term on Tesla if you can. You have never had a better lottery coupon. Saying all this I also bet some capital that I am more than ready to lose for the cheap competition such as Nio.

  13. Jeffrey Arzt
    Jeffrey Arzt says:

    terrible interview. shes making a ridiculous call and no one is challenging it. so many things can go wrong for tesla. Autonomous cars will not go mainstream in 5 yrs. Maybe 10, 15, or never. who knows. Plus they built that China factory so fast, there will probably be quality problems with the cars. I'm not short it, just trying to add some healthy skepticism to these calls.


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