Journalist Melissa Heng shares more about what retailers have said about the slow business at Jewel Changi Airport, and possible factors contributing to it.

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  1. Si Han Chen
    Si Han Chen says:

    Why buy at retail, especially at an outrageously overpriced high end one, when you can get the same thing at a fraction of the cost by shopping online?

    Whats best is that its shipped right to your doorstep !!

  2. Danny Lim
    Danny Lim says:

    This is how Changi Group conned business owners. Spend billions in infrastructure and then charge extremely high rentals to business owners. From what I heard and know from F&B outlets, they are suffering due to lack of customers. Retailers say slow……ah well, you are one who chose your own grave. You expect everyone from West, North South to come to Changi Airport everyday? Why would I be so silly going to Jewel to shop when there are exactly the same shops in Orchard. But most business owners was laughing their way to the bank the first 3 months during opening…… you expect everyday is Christmas? Siao meh.

    I for one would not shop when I can shop online on my comfortable sofa. Retail shopping are a dying and it will be worst…….

  3. Michael Lee
    Michael Lee says:

    The cost of living here in Singapore is already very expensive compare to the regional countries esp Vietnam, Malaysia and Philippines. Thailand surprisingly is getting very expensive like Singapore. Just imagine the prices a Jewels is at least 30 to 40% more. People go there to see the waterfall and that's it. No sane Singaporean will constantly go to faraway place like Jewels to shop and eat. Look at the jam at the causeway. Doesn't it tell you very obviously that Singapore is too expensive. Even a bowl of Mee Pok dry in food centers now cost at least 4.50 cheapest. Compared to Malaysia, it probably cost only 4.50 ringgit. When the MTR is up, good luck to our local shops and eateries. They can eat their heart out.

  4. Si Han Chen
    Si Han Chen says:

    This is the problem with the Singapore government and its state controlled media. They are never willing to acknowledge any wrongdoing on their part.

    They know very damn well the main cause of why people are not patronizing the Jewel stores is because of its obscenely overpriced items.

    But none of them will admit thats the reason, instead they rather say its because people didn't want to shop there.

    Don't you find it contradictory here? When you have a place which is already a Singapore landmark and you have millions of people in traffic since its opened and yet no one shops there?

    If its not because of overpriced items, then shall the blame be placed on the Singapore government for not having any foresight that no ones gonna shop there and they just threw billions of taxpayer dollars away in building this facade of a shopping complex?

  5. TB Seow
    TB Seow says:

    The Waterfall attracts lookers not shoppers. Shoppers will buy in Jewel if the merchandise are cant be found in other malls in SG. Tourists won't shop at Jewel.

  6. Wake Up SG
    Wake Up SG says:

    i realise that jewel restaurants is mostly high end and expensive , also lack of halal restaurant . mostly i see is korean/japanese/chinese food on level 2 and above . only basement have which is FAST FOOD and very few other eateries . clothing brands too , i see nobody entering them or even if they did its just a window shopping oni

  7. Kb N
    Kb N says:

    The journalists did not mention the cost of $1.7 billion sunk into the Jewel, the high energy cost and maintenance… and in a matter of a few years it will be written off once Terminal 5 is completed.

  8. 6packter
    6packter says:

    Actually I want to visit it when I had 11 hours transit wait at Changi
    But I have no idea how to get there as there was hardly any promotional signs or advertisements anywhere at T2 or T3
    I still do not know where is this Jewel?????


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