Former Commerce Department deputy director Chris Garcia discusses the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA). FOX Business Network (FBN) …

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  1. Tha David
    Tha David says:

    With how long the USMCA has been waiting it should be ready just to vote and pass. When will anyone in gov do their jobs? We need to put in a safe guard to stop deadbeat politicians from just collecting a paycheck but get nothing done.

  2. Sebastian Ortega
    Sebastian Ortega says:

    Please write to the president and please write to your senator and demand that they look over the USMCA trade deal just in case the Democrats added any poison pills to it that’s what I’m going to do

  3. GrassFedMeats
    GrassFedMeats says:

    Who cares? Corporate deals … with TPP language… yay… This doesn't help domestic competition against the lefty corporations that are funding the Anti Trumpers. We need trade deals with ourselves first. The middle class is paying a much higher overall tax than government created corporations…not to mention these new subsidies. Put lipstick on this pig

  4. George Vangordon jr
    George Vangordon jr says:

    Just one more promise kept.. no other president had the stones to take on China but trump did and won.. looks like the uneducated voters knew what they were doing and the “ educated voters” are stil whining you guys are stupid voting for trump.. jokes on you for spending all that money on a college education and you still can’t tell what time it is

  5. Jaded Cynic
    Jaded Cynic says:

    THE USMCA GIVES AWAY OUR SOVEREIGNTY!!! Worse than the TPP DID! It is a globalist TRUMPCARD! Traitors snuck some things in there Trump is unaware of. At least I hope he is unaware.

  6. Blanca Hutchinson
    Blanca Hutchinson says:

    Haaa,Did You see how Much McConnell slipped in the speach about the bill being passed .That was approved along time ago but Much kept it on his desk till the impeachment trial to try nake Donald look good.haaa,Trying to pull a Woolly over Us Americans.Didnt work!

  7. S.M. Larson
    S.M. Larson says:

    This bill is bad! There have been things added to this big bill that is bad for America. Not 1 of these politicians (if any truly care about America) have read the entire bill. We know what happens when we cant know what's in it until it passes!


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