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  1. vinyl1Earthlink
    vinyl1Earthlink says:

    Retirement accounts were designed to allow people to save money and have a comfortable retirement – not to provide a large fortune and a perpetual stream of income for their children and grandchildren. There have been many abuses – Mitt Romney has $100 million in a Roth IRA, which was not exactly what Senator Roth had in mind.

  2. metalica732
    metalica732 says:

    Hey MoneyGuys, can y'all please touch on the ways I can pay my student loans with a 529 with the SECURE act. I'm 28yrs old. I'm not sure it's good because it takes time for the assets to appreciate in value before using them for my public and private loans. I would love to hear your take!

  3. p n
    p n says:

    I enjoy the show very much guys! My question is if I am investing correctly at work. I am contributing equally into a 457 Deferred Comp Plan and a Roth Salary Deferral. I am 45 years old and just don't know if that was maximizing my money potential.

  4. Kirk Royse
    Kirk Royse says:

    I love your show you always give a dumb guy like me the meat and potatoes.. my sister at 40 years old just died she left me her roth IRA worth 65k.. I can only keep this account for 10 years I'm using 15k of it to be debt free what should I do with they other 50k I have a fully funded roth?? I do have a young child I would love to set up for the future and dont wanna bet on college??

  5. Peter Hoffman
    Peter Hoffman says:

    Have been listening to you for about 6 months and really appreciate your content. We took early retirement 6 years ago (downsized) and have been living on a pension and some withdrawals from retirement funds. Last year finally found out the benefit of converting some of those funds to Roth so we made our first conversion at that time. Plan to convert some more this year. Looking forward to hearing more about SECURE Act and how that will affect us and heirs (if we are fortunate enough to have some funds remaining for heirs), also what may happen tax-wise to any funds not converted before we take Soc. Security in 3-9 years… Thank you for what you do!

  6. V1rusHunter
    V1rusHunter says:

    This is not my current situation but worth understanding – what does it mean for inherited IRAs that are with the beneficiary? Are they grandfathered in and the 10 year rule does not apply?

    More importantly, are there any "good" ways to obtain a similar (not necessarily the same) benefit of the old stretch IRA? Funny anecdote but good hypothetical – my Pre-K aged son says he wants to marry my wife. I replied, "That's not an acceptable estate planning strategy." 🤣 Bypassing the ick factor and assuming adult aged, what if? What are the ramifications? Spouses take over the account as if it were their own, right?

  7. CC 24
    CC 24 says:

    So what’s the game plan for someone that inherits a large traditional IRA? Let’s say you make $50k a year. You inherit $5mil at 30 years old. Those distributions are going to be treated as income. So you’re taking over $500,000 a year (due to growth compounding as you go through 10 years).

    You’re going to get taxed like crazy than what you’re used to. I’m not a fan of this act unless I’m missing something. It doesn’t seem like a good thing.


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