Jan.15 — Kyle Bass, Hayman Capital Management founder and chief investment officer, says Hong Kong is poised to experience a “full-fledged banking crisis” …

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  1. yop yop
    yop yop says:

    It's not leverage by itself that causes a crash. It's leverage combined with failing to accurately assess risk. With the 2008 financial crisis, the global financial industry failed to recognize the fragility that came with all the mortgage-backed securities. In contrast, I would hope that the Hong Kong financial system has been smart enough to recognize that the tourism and high end retail sectors of the HK economy could get hit hard all at once. That has happened twice in recent memory with SARS and with the 2008 financial crisis, so I would think that they would be smart enough not get caught by surprise by that happening now.

  2. TB Seow
    TB Seow says:

    Viewers please note. I've been watching this guys for a long time. Don't bet on him. In fact, if U want to profit from what he says, be a Contranian. Do the exact opposite and laugh!

  3. Paul Sommerhalder
    Paul Sommerhalder says:

    Poor Kyle, he was on CNBC with Steve Bannon and made the mistake of bringing up Chinese concentration camps, organ harvesting etc. The CNBC Talking Heads didn't like-that, it made them uncomfortable, so they shut him out of the conversation completely. Steve Bannon did some tap-dancing around the issue by talking about Hong Kong street protests (it's a much friendlier subject than Death Camps). Old Steve knows how to play the game. It was revolting to-see how American media ignores atrocities to protect "potential" Chinese business. No more talking to Kyle, he might get us locked out of a market with 1.5 billion people in-it. Let's switch to cellphone privacy rights….OK, Neville Chamberlain, it's Springtime for Xi and China.

  4. mason appalachiantrail
    mason appalachiantrail says:

    Bass is brilliant. Lots of people have analyzed the markets correctly since 2009 but have not yet been proven right, but this is due to continued attempts by governments and central banks to delay the inevitable. Saying that he hasn’t been right on outcomes since then means only that when the inevitable comes, massive profits are to be had. Don’t let the short sighted, casual observers of markets cause you to veer from obvious conclusions.

  5. thomas
    thomas says:

    Hong Kong is finished. You hit the peak. It's all down hill from now. Tourist save all yr for relaxing. that want to relaxed. Your tourist came to Honolulu. We broke 10-1/2 million tourist a record 2019. While your peak dec – feb is at 20-40 % reservations and they have dropped the room at 9 buck a night but till no tourist is coming. Thank you Hong Kong we're will show your china and England tourist true Hawaiian hospitality and next yr they will come back. You distroyed what your father and grand father build up 20 yr down the drain.

  6. Cool Mark
    Cool Mark says:

    Why do you care? Oh wait you shorted the market here and it’s not happening so you’re losses are big time, BIGTIME! You’re wrong about full fledge bank collapse. I don’t see it here. I’d be careful about what Bass says. Don’t listen to him. Hsbc froze your account. Awesome!!!

  7. fredocorleone
    fredocorleone says:

    Hong Kong banks are the Chinese Communist Party's favorite method for money laundering.
    Hong Kong has the worst quality of life in the world = no real, happy future. They will all try to migrate to Canada some day.

  8. Shaoyi Rao
    Shaoyi Rao says:

    Well simple, Hong Kong is no longer important for China, because a lot of cities can replace Hong Kong, China can abandon Hong Kong, it doesn’t matter if the economy is crushing there, the people are going to move out anyway, guess who can not abandon Hong Kong? I am guessing CIA, if they lose HongKong they lose 80% of their underground networks in China


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