Rep. Matt Gaetz joins Making Money with Charles Payne to discuss the House vote to send articles of impeachment to the Senate. FOX Business Network (FBN) …

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  1. David S.
    David S. says:

    The only collusion I've heard was Schiff trying to acquire photos of naked Potus with, anyway it was a prank but we get the idea Schiff for brains. The only abuse of power is once again Schiff using his position to hold secret meetings that are so treasonous no one was allowed to view his crimes. The only quid pro quo I saw was Biden leveraging a billion dollars against the Ukraine to fire a prosecutor so he and Hunters corrupt burisma can keep raking in the bucks. Now Nancy is too old to make sense, dementia will do that to a person. Left overs of the Obama administration that need to be located and removed immediately. God bless America in God we trust

  2. Sux_2_B_U
    Sux_2_B_U says:

    They should call all the House Dems to the stand and find out how many were told they would get no more campaign funding if they didn't vote to impeach. Because that's bribery and extortion on the Dem's part, and shows just how partisan and phony the whole clown show really was. Smart people already know that. But good luck getting the gullible loser / haters the Dems pander to understand that. Hard to understand things when all you have is spider webs and dog crap where your intellect is supposed to be inside your cranium.

  3. Kim Coughlin
    Kim Coughlin says:

    This is pathetic that it is even come to this Pelosi and Schiff need to be kicked out this is a disgrace..I suppose Schiff thinks just because he is in the pick he can’t be a hell your first up Schiff you lying sob
    Witnesses Schiff Whistle blower Pelosi The bias idiot lawyer of the Whistle blower Biden Hunter these are the main ones

  4. Mike Day
    Mike Day says:

    The constitutional rules for impeachment require a crime. Left-wingers love to throw out their favorite fantasy example in these comments, but house democrats never established a crime. Their articles do not contain a crime. Hello? 😆


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