Jamie Dimon talks to Maria Bartiromo on the state of the economy, the JP Morgan Chase expansion, the phase one China trade deal and his position at the …

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  1. Winston Smith
    Winston Smith says:

    I love Trump but, JP Morgan is the biggest thief in the financial cabal. The dollar is the prettiest horse in the glue factory. Confidence in Trump is the only thing holding our economy together. JP Morgan is under RICO investigation for market rigging, and has been fined millions for illegal trading. The Repo Market is insane, and JP Morgan has the most to lose. Only the Federal Reserve is keeping them from failing. You can’t print money incessantly without consequences. JP has been stockpiling silver, the trigger for the last recession, for several years… every fiat currency in recorded history has failed… most last 100-150 years… wake up, get your currency into true money (Gold and Silver) while the opportunity lasts.

  2. duc usa
    duc usa says:

    dc tung ner tien ca nhan keu duc vs do` rk cut di cher ze~ rach tung ner tien dung co nhac toi tau tien cua co dong hoi dong quan tri mayh` tung ner tien chi la` thang lam muon cut tuong tien cua minh` ah ai mac chi tau phai noi vs may` dung bat chuyen vs tau vi tien may` ze~ rach

  3. Truth lyons
    Truth lyons says:

    Hey think you know so much! This is former President Obama constructive plan before he left office. Yes it took a few years to kick in high gear and yes the fruit are growing. Stop giving this clown credit for something he couldn't even dream up. Our country is sold under this evil, indecisive, immature, embarrassing, shameful administration in the history of our great country. Fox like always you put your make-up, foundation on and spin the bottle on commentary. This country deserves far better then this. You know it. He's in a acting role. Stop pushing this false agenda. We are the USA not some clown show country.

  4. imdahG
    imdahG says:

    Running an unconstitutional bank monopoly in America is treason! They had to deceive Americans into their FAUX BANK RESERVE SCHEME and use violent enforcement and economic sabotage to rip off unsuspecting hardworking Americans for 12 decades without any real oversight. That's the cabals M.O. now. Use Americans and our resources tech and complacency to conquer the world and enslave it nation by nation then consolidate these nations IE European Union and run it with their IMF bank scheme! They're exposed. He thinks the common American doesn't have commonsense to sense them out lol..Americans have a fiduciary for them! I went to HAAAAHVERD! smh! China will fix them! You can count on that America! (:

  5. Joaly nocontroly
    Joaly nocontroly says:

    JP Morgan was stockpiling Silver and Gold because they had the inside scoop on the continued destruction of the US economy and the USD when Hillary was chosen by globalists to be elected in 2016.. Then Trump happened and they're not quite so worried anymore, but this sleazy little piece of shlt still can't admit that Trump and his Republican Patriots saved us all.

  6. Bigdaddy Vee
    Bigdaddy Vee says:

    It's common sense that more hands-on-deck will equal out to a lower cost of living for everyone and therefore it's easier for businesses to do business and to tackle massive projects because we all rely on the private sector to survive. It's a win-win. You'd think that the left would understand that simple concept.


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